Wednesday, July 7, 2021


This is my entry for the Mudpunch KAL (FYI: that's an Instagram link). I can't remember the last time I had joined an organized knit-along that didn't involve just my immediate knitting circle. I'm going to assume it was probably before all my hand pain/carpal tunnel issues began. While the hand pain still pops up from time to time, my hands have been doing much, much, much better since switching jobs back in February. My goal is to always have a pair of socks on the needles (because socks are an awesome, small project that's easy to take on the go), and I was really close to finishing the socks that I had on the needles. I thought why not join my friend's KAL since I'm about to cast on another pair of socks anyways? Also, I figured two months to knit up a pair of socks? I can totally do that! And without any added stress.

The only "stressful" thing I've encountered so far is which skein of Mudpunch do I use?

The answer: I went with Jumble Math. I can't say no to speckled stripes!

Since last summer was all about the shortie socks that were knit cuff down, I decided to knit this pair toe up. We're only seven days into the KAL/month and I'm already halfway done with the first sock. Which, when you think about it, is not really a hard feat to do considering that I am knitting these in a plain vanilla pattern.

Although, I am currently second guessing my heel choice. As you can see in the first photo, I went with a gusset heel. Normally, when I knit toe up socks, I use either the Fish Lips Kiss heel or an afterthought heel. With my last pair of self-striping socks, I tried to use an afterthought heel but didn't like the unsightly holes I kept getting at the corners. No matter how many methods I used or how many times I tried to close those gaps, the holes bugged me. I ended up frogging to the start of the heel and used the Fish Lips Kiss heel. I guess for this pair I thought I would try something different.

Even though I've knit the gusset heel before and loved the fit of those socks, my issue with it this time around is how the sock is fitting on my heel at the gauge I'm knitting. It just feels so much more loose than it did on the other pair. Then again, maybe I can't really make the decision to frog it just yet until I've knit a little more of the leg and don't have a stiff knitting needle cable preventing the knitted fabric from doing its thing?

Now, I have to make a choice: either I keep knitting and hope that by the time I get to the cuff I'll have a better idea as to how the fabric will be around the heel and ankle; or frog it now and try the afterthought heel again. Maybe this time I'll have better luck and won't have any gaping holes at the corners of the heel. There's also a third option: let the sock WIP sit for a bit and cast on work on something else and go back to it with fresh eyes.

Hmm...ask me in a few days which option I decided to go with.

In the meantime, has anyone else joined in on the Mudpunch KAL? What are you knitting? And with which colourway?

♥ Happy Knitting! ♥

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