Thursday, September 10, 2020

No Really, You Shouldn't Have

I really have no business casting on another blanket. Especially when I have three blankets still on the needles. That's right, three. But here I am, casting on a blanket like I have absolutely nothing else on the needles.

I honestly have no idea what spurred me to start a new blanket and more specifically, a scrappy one. Last month I found myself on the couch whipping up a mitered square using a mini skein that I found in one of my project bags. It was such a satisfying feeling to finish that square in one sitting that I grabbed my bag of minis and leftovers and just kept going. A few weeks later I had to stop and re-evaluate my game plan. Am I doing this? Is this going to be a blanket? What about the others? I'm about fifteen squares into this, so yeah...I'd say I'm definitely knitting up another blanket.

I've been loving knitting shortie socks throughout the summer but I also needed something not socks on the needles, too. I've been wanting to cast on a cardigan that I've had my eye on since last summer but just don't have the brain capacity at the moment for anything that involves math and a proper gauge. Since my move I've been on this hardcore quest to knit up deep stash and most importantly, to use what I already have rather than go out and buy more (cause really, I don't have the space for more). I have an overwhelming amount of leftovers and mini skeins that I've been hoarding collecting for the past decade that I don't have the heart to get rid of and so the idea of knitting a project that involves using these up was quite appealing to me.

A blanket made up of mitered squares seemed to be the popular way to go in terms of scrappy blankets. A quick look in my queue and I saw that I had favourited The Coziest Memory pattern by Kemper Wray of Junkyarn (please note that link goes to the Ravelry pattern page). My gauge tends to be tighter when I knit garter stitch so I usually go up a few needle sizes, but for this blanket I went up just one size from the suggested one in the pattern because I didn't want the fabric to be too light and flimsy.

I have no colourway theme game plan for this blanket, I'm just blindly reaching into my bag of yarn and using whatever I pull out. A part of me is a little anxious that the blanket will turn out ugly because the colours are so all over the place, which is silly as that's the whole point of a scrappy blanket, right? I had to go through my mini skein collection and weigh everything out as I've discovered that not every one of them was 5 grams or more. A few times I ran short and tried to colour match a second yarn as close as possible to finish the square. I don't think this would've been such a big deal if it weren't for the extra ends that would eventually need to woven in. 

So what about the other blankets? Well, one of them is for the Kid and it's more than halfway done. It actually sits right next to my spot on the couch and I stare at it every day. I had stopped working on it because I needed to make some choices, I have to either find more yarn in a colourway that apparently isn't that popular (and possibly in a second colour...I don't know yet until I get to that part), or try to fudge it and use what I have. These are choices that I really don't feel like making at the moment so I stopped working on it.

The second blanket, I'm not quite sure why I stopped working on. Most likely I got distracted with the thrill of casting on something new. I am nothing if not predictable. I do recall making an attempt in April to find all the yarn I was using so that I could continue on. It's quite possible that during my search I came upon another forgotten WIP or a skein that I just had to knit up pronto.

The third blanket, the original blanket, the one that got me even thinking about the possibility of knitting blankets, is The Beekeeper's Quilt (link goes to the first blog post I made about the project). This project has been on my needles since 2011 and I honestly don't see myself finishing it. Aside from feeling done with this pattern, I also got rid of the three bags of Poly-fil stuffing that had been taking up valuable crafting storage space for the past ten years. I think I have completed about a hundred hexipuffs out of the nine hundred that I was hoping to knit in order to have a blanket that would fit a king size bed. Just so i don't feel like a complete failure, I think I might pull out all my puffs and sew them together and what size I end up with is what it will be. Only time will tell if I actually get around to doing that, though.

For now, I'm going to knit as many mitered squares as I can while I'm still on this project high. I've got my fingers crossed that it'll last long enough for me to churn out a king size blanket! 

♥ Happy Knitting! ♥

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