Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Bad Knitting Habit

Yesterday I was on the hunt for some sock needles. I have no idea why I felt compelled to go on a hunt for more sock needles since I just cast on a new sock. Maybe it's because I was rooting around my crafting cart and noticed a stack of empty needle packages? I know I have at least ten pairs of needles that I use for socks (2.25mm/US 1...in case you're wondering) and for some reason I couldn't see any in sight. I have two needle cases and let me tell you, they were looking a little bare. A quick peek at the little tote that I keep my other knitting notions in, and all I saw were more empty packages. What gives?

Needless to say, I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon digging around in all my project bags, yarn bins, and boxes on a hunt for needles. How could this have happened?? Back in March when I was packing up house I had come across an embarrassing amount of forgotten WIPs. Just so.many.WIPs. A lot of them were still in the beginning stages, just cakes of yarn attached to a circle of ribbing with an interchangeable cable threaded through with the needle tips missing. There were a handful of so-called projects that were just in the cast-on stage and never made it past that first row. Some projects were so old that the stitch markers had tarnished beyond repair and the needles had a weird powdery yet tacky coating on them.

And that's when it hit me: I have a really bad habit of casting on projects and working on them for a few days or weeks and then ditching them for something else. The projects would be so new that I never got around to making a Ravelry project page for them or even making any notes about them, like what needle size I was using or even what pattern I'm supposedly knitting. Anyone who knows me well knows that I've gotten pretty good at keeping a project page for everything I knit and try to attach as many photos and make as many notes as I can, not for the sake of other knitters (although, if it helps other knitters then that's just a bonus) but just so I know later on what was going on with the project and what needles I was using (not just size but what brand and needle composite). I think of it as setting myself up for success, "Present Melissa" is taking care of "Future Melissa". I can't tell you have many times this has saved my sanity!

Going through all those projects, it was quite cathartic to rip out all those needles and cables and reclaim them, to frog all that yarn - some I chucked out, others I donated, only a few I put back into the stash. It felt so freeing to finally get rid of WIPs from ten years ago and best of all, to not feel guilty that I never finished them and that I chucked out perfectly good yarn (I was feeling ruthless...and yeah, I may have been panic packing...). Marie Kondo was right, getting rid of excess stuff feels like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders. 

Anyhoo, all this to say that I really need to break this bad habit of being sooo close to finishing a project and then abandoning it to cast on something shiny and new. Of basically having Starteritis all the time. In my needle search yesterday I found two sock WIPs under a pile of finished hand knit socks. One pair, I had started a year ago in June, needed afterthought heels put in; the second pair (pictured above), I had started a few months ago for Pride Week, only needed to be grafted together at the toe!! That's it. Why did I abandoned it? What's wrong with me? I'm going to blame it on 'pandemic brain'. Or maybe I had cast on a new sock...?

I haven't found all the missing needles yet, but I did reclaim two pairs of sock needles. I'm going to consider that a win for now...and yay! I'll have two more pairs of socks to add to my hand knit sock collection!

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  1. I'm Terrible about grafting my sock toes. I'll have a stack of five or more pair before I get around to dealing with the toes. I'm bad about weaving in ends and blocking things too. I'm too excited to start the next project to take the time to do it.


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