Thursday, February 22, 2018

Returning to Normal


Can you believe that we have less than a week of February left? Where has the time gone? Well, I can tell you where last week went - straight down the toilet while the Kiddo and I were bedridden sick for a full week with the most horrendous flu I have ever experienced or seen. I was so sick that I didn't even want to knit!! Even now, barely a week later, while I'm feeling MUCH better, I'm still not feeling 100% and so I'm slowly getting back into knitting.

Since my brain still feels somewhat a little muddled, here's what's been going on knitting-wise around here in point form:

➳ I've decided to cast on something new, sort of like a prize for enduring that week of sickness. And because we're currently going through quite the cold snap, I want to knit all the super warm woollies...and socks just don't cut it.

➳ I don't want to say what I've cast on just yet, simply because I might rip it out in a day or two. That seems to be the thing that just happens as of late. Ever go through the phase where everything you touch turns to crap? Yeah, that's me right now.

➳ I will tell you though, that I'm knitting with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in this new project. I had made it a goal this year to knit something using my BT stash. I'm giving this yarn one more chance and if I'm still not a fan that I really need to destash the rest. Before I get hate mail for my lukewarm feelings about Brooklyn Tweed: I'm such a tight knitter that I find any woollen-spun yarn is too delicate for me.

➳ Last month I bought a set of Addi FlexiFlips - the newest DPNs on the North American market from Addi (they're known as "addiCraSyTrio" in Europe). They have the flexibility and bendiness of a circular needle with a combo of a basic tip and a Rocket tip on each needle, all in the form of slightly longer than normal DPNs.

➳ To fully test out these new needles, I decided that it was a must that I cast on a new pair of plain vanilla socks. So I did. I grabbed some self-striping yarn from the Box of Sock Yarn (the yarn is conveniently know, it being February and all) and currently have half a sock. The needles haven't fixed my laddering problems and I've had to adjust how I knit just a smidge in order to find a comfortable position, but overall I am enjoying knitting with them. But we'll see how I truly feel once I get to the heel...when I finally decide what kind of heel to knit, that is.

➳ I still have Pixel Rise on the needles. There's no update on these as I haven't touched them in a long while simply because I was really into knitting up my other projects. But in the back of my head, I think I stopped working on them so that I could sort out my tension issues of knitting with yarn in both hands.

➳ I still have Wanderers on the needles too. The second slipper was coming along fantastically well but have now hit another snag (grrrrr...!!!). I guess leading up to me getting sick my tension got a whole lot tighter. Half an inch tighter, to be exact! My continental knitting is so much tighter than my usual throwing style that I think I have to go up a few needle sizes to accommodate this. Which means I now have to frog the entire second slipper...and possibly the first. This irks me so much that I haven't done anything to them yet. Even though I know that it's inevitable that I will have to frog them. There's nothing that could make the slippers bigger (not even blocking) or my calves smaller. *sigh*

➳ I was hoping to get an old WIP off the needles (one of my Breathing Space pullovers) but quickly discovered that I was not only running out of yarn (the main colour) but I also didn't have another skein in the stash. I'm totally perplexed as to why I would use a colour that I only had one skein of, knowing that I would most likely need more than that?? What was I thinking?? So now I need to order more...but I'm sort of putting it off cause a part of me wants to order more than just the skein I need in order to make the shipping worth it. You know how it goes...right?

Well, I think that's that. Until next time, Happy knitting!!

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