Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017: In Review

We're halfway through the first month of the year and I'm finally settling into a routine and making plans (and to-do lists!!) to get down to business. Now, I've already posted about my goals for this year before I even had a chance to look back and reflect on how I did last year. Maybe it's because I didn't make any goals for 2017 and so I have nothing to measure the year against? I know that I didn't finish as many projects as I have in the past but I also know that I didn't end the year with a massive pile of WIPs that were cast on in 2017. The pile of WIPs that were cast on in previous years, though, that are still around...that's another story! 

We won't go there today. Instead, let's take a look at what I've done last year. Like in previous years, I've broken down my 2017 crafting into point form stats:

➳ 8,518.5 metres (9,316 yards) was knit up from stash
➳ 21,065 metres (23,037 yards) was added to the stash
➳ 6,093 metres (6,663 yards) was destashed/sold/gifted
➳ I ended the year with more yarn by 6,454 metres (7,058 yards), hence the need to go cold sheep this year!!
➳ I've knit and/or finished:
      :: 1 blanket
      :: 1 cowl
      :: 2 hats (1 adult, 1 baby)
      :: 2 felted rings
      :: 2 sweaters
      :: 4 shawls
      :: 7 pairs of socks

➳ I've cast-on but did not finish:
      :: 1 blanket
      :: 1 shawl
      :: 1 pair of socks
      :: 1 sweater
➳ I crocheted 2 items (basket trays for the win!!)
➳ 2 fibre events were attended (both were local)
➳ 1 Knit Picks order was made
➳ 10 online yarn orders were made with only 2 of them being from a different country!

Not every finished item was blogged, photographed, or even posted on Instagram. Maybe one day I'll actually get around to blogging about those finished knits. For now, here are the knits that I did share either here on the blog or somewhere on social media:

Clockwise from top left: August Socks, Oracle Space Socks, Skew Across the Universe, Rose City Opal Rollers, Rainbows & Unicorns, Miss.Matched

Clockwise from left: Starry Water Shawl, #pussyhatproject, Heart.Felt rings, Serpentina Pixie hat

Both basket trays were made with Lion Brand Thick & Quick
Left: in Hudson colourway; Right: in Coney Island colourway 

Hmmm...not too bad considering that there were a few months at the beginning of the year where I wasn't able to knit. Regardless of the lack of goals made, one goal that I seem to always have year after year, whether it's spoken out loud or not, is to always try to knit from stash. It's quite obvious from the above statistics that I had failed miserably. In my defense, a lot of these stash additions were acquired during retail therapy.

To be overly honest, and maybe a titch TMI, I spent a huge portion of last year utterly depressed. I hemmed and hawed over whether or not to post this part but decided to anyway. I won't go into the details but will say that the time I was unable to knit really revealed how much of a role knitting plays in my mental health and my self-care. No amount of meditation, yoga, essential oils, reading, running, or hiking helped. My other favourite hobby (sewing) wasn't a possibility either since it too is hand-intensive work. I got so severely depressed that I stopped going to knit nights, I barely logged onto social media (actually, not going onto Facebook did a world of good for me and have since limited my time spent on there), I didn't want to see people, I barely left the house if I didn't have to, and I slept all.the.time. I was so miserable that when I was able to knit again, I didn't want to. And trust me when I say I'm never too anything to not want to knit. Not this time. 

Needless to say, I spent a huge portion of the last half of 2017 putting myself "back together again" and being able to knit and doing so has definitely helped. My depression will forever be work-in-progress but at least for now things are much brighter and I'm hoping 2018 will be a much, MUCH better year than 2017.

How was your 2017?


  1. Never worry about TMI when you're talking about something real on your own blog-talking about depression is a huge way of helping yourself and others get help. I hope you're feeling sunnier!

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