Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Progress Report: Still Fading Along

Hedgehog Fibres Sock, Truffle colourway

** SPOILER ALERT: Please note that this post contains photos of my completed second and third clues and I talk about design features of the pattern for the What The Fade?! MFAL. **

As of late, I've been working on nothing but the What The Fade?! MFAL shawl. I haven't touched either my sock WIP or even my Rainbow Hue Shift afghan! Hence why I've been so quiet on the blog and on social media. Mind you, I've also been taking a lot of knitting breaks to give my right hand time to rest. And it needed it, clue two was such a doozy! Holy smokes! At first, I thought it was just me and the fact that my hand was acting up a bit but after reading the forums and talking to a few other participants, I discovered that nope, I'm not alone on this one. Clue two is definitely a long one!

While insanely long, clue two did bring a pleasant surprise: I fell in love with the Truffle colourway by Hedgehog Fibres (see photo above). When I first purchased the yarn I thought it was pretty but truthfully I liked it simply because it went well with the rest of my fade selection. And it looked much different in skein-form. I was a little nervous of how the poopy yellowy greenish browny colour would knit up (sorry, not really the best description!) but after the transition into knitting with Truffle fully in the brioche section, I was absolutely taken with the colourway. I marvelled whenever a magenta stitch popped up and got weirdly excited when an ombre of purple stitches appeared below my needles. Even the poop colour grew on me (what IS that colour called anyway?? Dijon mustard? Dark goldenrod?). Maybe clue two took so long because I kept stopping to admire the colours when really I should be knitting, knitting, knitting! I mean, can you blame me though? These magenta stitches are my favourite:

I've learned to be careful about what you wish for, after knitting all that brioche in clue one I was hoping clue two would have more of it. Boy, did that wish ever come true! By the time I finished that section I became a brioche pro. I no longer had to look at the instructions to see which side my yarn had to end on (that's how scatterbrained I can be sometimes), and I rarely had to tink back because of a missed increase at the end of the row (like I did so often in the first clue). 

I really love how the fade was knitting up on the pink side, even though for a while there I wasn't so sure about the darkest colour being introduced so quickly in the game. Now, I think it really highlighted the lightest colour on the pink side and made the eye look up and down rather than just drawing your attention to the bold pink. I also like how the other side looks like a tan to brown gradient:

Clue 2 - Sorry for the crappy photo quality, it was getting late when I finished the clue!

There's not much to say about the knitting of clue two, other than the fact that the top middle of shawl where I started with the I-cord cast on and had to pick up stitches looks really wonky to me. I keep looking at all the photos that other knitters have put up of their shawls and have yet to see anyone's top look like mine. Did I pick up my stitches weird? Did I mess up from the very beginning? I really hope that blocking will cause some magic to happen and will sort that all out. For now, though, it bugs the living crapola out of me.

As for clue three, it was nice to see that we're getting a break from the brioche and get to do some mindless knitting in that it was all squishy garter. Although, while the knitting was easy, I found I had to take several breaks from knitting due to how heavy the shawl was getting. I tried to find ways to alleviate the weight by placing a pillow under my work if I was knitting on the couch, or by putting the shawl on the table or desk. I think it helped.

I really love how Truffle and Artifact look together, so much so that I'm considering on purchasing them again to make either another shawl or maybe indulge and knit a garment. But then I started knitting with Film Noir again and I've been dreaming of knitting a sweater in that colourway too...

Clue 3 - when Truffle surprised me & made me really love the colour on its own

Clue three was pretty straightforward. I just managed to finish this clue before the fourth clue arrived in my inbox. I'm still knitting away feverishly on this current clue and am a little over halfway done. I don't think I'll get it completed before clue five is sent out later today but that's ok. I have to remind myself that it's not a competition and no one is going to care if I'm caught up or not, other than me. I don't want to stress myself out, especially since I'm trying to get over the flu and I need to prepare for the Kiddo's birthday this weekend (yes, that means no Knit City for me this year!!), so I don't want to make myself even sicker than I already am. It's just not worth it! 

There are only two more clues left, with the last one being a bonus (whatever that means?), before the big reveal. I'm excited to see what the last two clues hold! I really hope we get to use the very first colour again, more so because I absolutely love how bold and bright that pink is. But before I start daydreaming about the possibilities and what else I could knit with these colours (oh, Truffle, you're so pretty!!), I better try to sneak in a row or two of clue four before I have to rush out the door for a parent-teacher meeting tonight!

♥ Happy Fading! ♥

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