Friday, September 22, 2017

Off The Needles: Skew Across The Universe

Yesterday was the last day of summer. Huge sigh. A part of me is still in denial about this. Have the summer months really flown by that quickly? I swear that it's still July. Wishful thinking, I suppose. You'd think I would be happy because now I can spend my evenings nestled on the couch with a mug of hot tea and the latest knitting project, and that I can start wearing more of my handknits again. I'm trying to push out of my head the memories of how epically cold I was last winter (which is why I didn't complain how hot it was this summer!).

Anyhoo, let's not get too off track. We're here for the knitting!! And I'm here to tell you about the last pair of socks to come off of my needles during my so-called "Summer of Socks". Today's show and tell is my newest pair of Skew. I call them my "Skew Across The Universe" socks because well, the pattern is called Skew (a freebie from Knitty) and the colourway is called "Across The Universe" (by Knitterly Things). Not really an original name but I got to identify them somehow from the other socks and most importantly, from the other pairs of Skews in my sock drawer. They're marvelous looking socks, don't you think?

I simply can't get enough of this pattern. I have two pairs of finished Skews in my handknit sock collection and if my memory is correct, I think I have about two or three on the needles in various stages from over the years that I never got around to finishing (for reasons unknown). One of those WIPs I have actually picked back up and are my current sock project (you can catch a glimpse of them in this post). Yes, I love this pattern so much that I was working on two pairs of them simultaneously!

Unlike the other pair though, I've knit this pair completely as written in the pattern. No mods. I contemplated knitting them a little longer in the leg just so that I could use up more of the yarn but then realized when I tried on the first sock that once I knit up the cuff the length would be just perfect, so I nixed the idea. I believe this is my second time knitting with Vesper Sock by Knitterly Things (the first was a pair of plain vanilla socks). While I have a few skeins in my stash that I've been wanting to knit up since their arrival, this particular skein was nabbed when one of my fellow knitters decided to generously give away and unload a bunch of yarn at one of our knit nights many months ago. At the time of casting on these socks, I really had no idea what yarn to use, I was simply itching to knit another pair of Skews and so I grabbed whatever skein was on top of the pile in my closet. I'm now glad it was this yarn, stripey Skews are the best! 

Learning from my experiences with my previous pairs, I knew that the fit of the sock would be super snug around the heel area and that it would be tight to put on and past the heel. I still used my usual sock needle size (2.25mm / US 1) though and just made sure I made a conscious effort to knit loosely when knitting the mini gusset and heel shaping. It worked because the sock fits just the way I like it and they weren't a pain in the butt to get on and off, AND it didn't compromise the aesthetics of the heel. The band still wraps around at the perfect spot around your ankle, where your foot meets your leg (as seen in the photo below!). The socks perfectly hug my narrow heels and never once do I feel like they're slipping off or shifting, and I never have to pull at them to keep them in place.

Aside from the ingenious of the overall construction and how clever you ultimately feel once you origami the heel together, I love that I don't have to worry about having to use a contrasting yarn (or use the other end of the cake) or whether the stripes will differ too much when knitting the heel. You just have to put trust in the designer and in the end, it all comes together so magically!

I love the details! And look at that heel!

I may have a lot of patterns in my sock queue but lately, I seem to want to knit nothing but the Skew pattern. Ever since my very first pair, I secretly wanted a huge Skew collection. There's a fellow sock knitter who I follow on Instagram who, I swear, finishes a pair of Skews at least once a week. I kid you not! I absolutely love her collection! For the curious, her Instagram is @justrunknit. Her name is Megan, you might recognize her as one of the hosts of the video podcast, Stockinette Zombies, and she's a designer, too (check out her designs here). Her Skew collection is seriously my sock goals.

Speaking of sock goals, I should knit a few rounds on the other pair of Skews that I have on my needles. I've been daydreaming about casting on a pair of Skew in a skein of Mudpunch self-striping yarn but I told myself that I couldn't until I get this second pair off the needles...I predict that you'll be seeing a lot more Skew action in the future!!

These socks did NOT look good on sock blockers! 

:: Sock Details ::
Pattern: Skew by Lana Holden
Yarn: Knitterly Things Vesper Sock 2ply Superwash Merino
Colour: Across The Universe
Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharps Fixed Circular in 2.25mm (US 1)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Across The Universe


  1. We might need to do a mudpunch Skew-along. I've never knit a pair of Skews, but I want to.

    1. Omg Chantel. I am SO down for a Mudpunch Skew-along!!! Just say the words!!!


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