Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fading Along: A WTF Progress Report

** SPOILER ALERT: Please note that this post contains a photo of my completed first clue. And I talk about design features of the pattern for the What The Fade?! MFAL. **

One thing about knitting on a mystery knit-along that I never thought about: how non-Instagrammable the WIP will be. Not that I choose my knitting projects based on whether or not it'll look good on Instagram, but I do like to share photos of my WIPs in various knitty stages. Out of respect for the designer's wishes to keep the mystery alive for the fellow MKALers who don't want to know ahead of time what the clues will look like and want to be surprised, I haven't been posting much about my shawl WIP.

So far I'm thoroughly enjoying the MKAL. For a while there I thought I was never going to get the first clue finished because, one: I didn't cast on immediately after the first clue dropped because I was dumb and read the pattern wrong about which colours were going to be used first and so I started to second guess which end of my fade was going to be "Colour A". After a day of hemming and hawing, I looked at the pattern again and realized my mistake. Ugh. I shake my head at myself. So I stuck with my original fade plan. Then two: I was well on my way into the first section when I stopped to take a look at my work. I noticed something weird happening on one of my sides. Thinking I messed up, I tinked back a repeat and re-knitted it. But then I realized I messed up somehow, so I tinked back and re-knitted. I should have just walked away after that, but no. I have no idea what I did but I didn't like how my work was looking. So I went the drastic route. I frogged the whole thing and started over. A whole day's worth of knitting. Gone, just like that.

BUT, I did learn a few things from that first go-around. I discovered that my purl rows were too loose and it made for wonky and uneven stitches, which I'm sure a good blocking would fix anyway, but I still switched to Portuguese-style knitting whenever I had to purl since Portuguese-style knitting creates a tighter stitch and gives a much more even tension. It worked! An added bonus: the reduction of hand movements in Portuguese-style knitting (I'm usually a thrower) means I'm knitting the purl rows faster. Sweet! With all that time lost to the aforementioned knitting, tinking, and re-knitting, I needed to speed up my game to catch up. The idea of still working on the first clue when the second clue comes out makes me feel somewhat anxious.

Another reason why I needed to speed up the knitting: I kept forgetting to do the last increase on the increase row and wouldn't realize it until either the end of the row after the increase row or worse when I'm about to start the next repeat. Let's just say I've become quite the master at tinking back two-colour brioche! I'm just glad that I was able to finish the first clue the night that the second clue was released. Phew!

The third clue will be dropping tonight and I'm still FIVE repeats away from finishing clue two. It's silly for me to stress out about this since I generally wait until the next day (or the day after that!) to start knitting the newest clue. I'm one of those knitters that need to know what's going on and will check in on the spoiler threads on Ravelry to see what the next clue looks like.

Other thoughts so far:

♥ I'm absolutely loving how my fade is knitting up and wonder if any of the colours will be repeated in the design. I truly love the first colour on the "right side" of my knitting (it's House of a la Mode Glitter Gaudy) and would love to knit and see more of it in my shawl.

♥ I haven't woven in any ends yet. I looked at a bunch of tutorials on Youtube on how to weave in ends for reversible brioche and all the videos I watched basically said to do the same thing. Now I can go with that and give it a try or wait until the end and hope that maybe Andrea will say or have a tutorial of her own on how she weaves in her ends.

♥ It's not until I'm knitting it that I realized just how much I love brioche and keep telling myself that I need to knit my next project in brioche.

♥ While I'm loving the brioche, I'm really hoping that the next clue is something different and that this shawl isn't just straight up brioche.

And for those of you curious as to what my first clue looks like, here you go:

♥ Happy fading along!! ♥


  1. Ooohhhh this is stunning! I LOVE your colour choices! I can't believe that I have still nver knit in brioche. Something to definitely do, soon! Xo

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! Brioche is a super fun stitch...although very time consuming! But definitely worth it!!


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