Thursday, August 31, 2017

Yarn Ready, Let's Knit!!

Photo credit: © Andrea Mowry

Last night the first clue for the What The Fade by Andrea Mowry (aka Drea Renee Knits) MFAL dropped. I can't remember if I had mentioned it on the blog yet, but I decided last month that I was going to join in on the mystery fade-along fun. I haven't participated in a mystery knit-along in three, maybe four years? I think the last one I did was Ysolda Teague's first Follow Your Arrow

I discovered in my very first MKAL that I'm just way too uptight to knit a pattern blindly with no idea what it's going to look like in the end. I get too anxious about whether I'm going to like the end knit or if I used my knitting time wisely. I had hemmed and hawed over whether I should join the MFAL or not for weeks, but after going through all of Andrea Mowry's designs on Ravelry and realizing that I already owned a handful of her designed and that I love the last dozen or so designs that she has released, I finally made the decision to just dive in.

So I am.

I couldn't stop thinking about colours for weeks, to the point where I was seriously obsessed. I constantly had yarn everywhere in my house in hopes as I tried to find a fade that I liked. I was ordering yarn online hoping that the one skein I ordered would be the colour that would make my fade perfect but then discovering once the yarn arrives that it falls short in my expectations. I looked at what felt like a million yarn kits that practically every indie dyer was creating and wishing I had the funds to purchase them all. I had my heart set on ordering a kit from an Irish dyer but learned that I wasn't going to be able to catch the update. So I did what any knitter would do: I set about on putting together the kit myself. Sadly, that plan didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Since dye lots can vary from pot to pot and from one yarn base to another, the skeins I received were vastly different from the original photos of the kit I was trying to emulate. 

Rather than ordering even more yarn, I tried to work with what I had. I came up with two possible colour combos, a pink one (surprise, surprise!) and a yellow one (I've fallen in love with Hedgehog Fibres' Fool's, so pretty!! I want to knit alllll the things in this colourway!!). I had a hard time deciding between the two but in the end, the pink combo won out. BUT only because I had all six skeins needed on hand already, whereas the yellow kit still needed one more skein and my LYS has yet to receive their order of a particular yarn line that I've been waiting all summer for. 

My fade for the MFAL:

For the curious, from left to right: House of a La Mode House Fingering in Glitter Gaudy, Flock Fibre Studio Take a Hike Sock in Princess Tiger Cub, Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Film Noir, Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Bramble, Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Artifact, and last is Hedgehog Fibres Sock in Truffle.

Honestly, I would have been happy knitting this MFAL shawl with either colour combo (did I mention just how much I love Fool's Gold?) and think I would wear either set equally. I'm pretty excited about knitting with these gorgeous pinks and with two new-to-me yarn brands. I will admit that I am a little nervous about my fade - whether they'll blend nicely into each other, whether the last skein is too dark, and whether the middle skeins are too close in colour (FYI: Film Noir is a whiter base with pink, black/grey with specks of orange, Bramble is on a more yellow base with orange, green and specks of pink and yellow, while Artifact is a tan base with specks of pink, orange, green, black, and cyan). Well, we all know how to solve this, right? I'm just going to have to knit and see!

So, with that said, I have a date with my ball winder and need to get these six beauties wound up and ready to be cast on! Are you fading along, too? Or are you knitting with another KAL? Let me know what you're working on!

Happy knitting! ♥


  1. Hello Melissa,

    I am on the fence about the WTFade MKAL. I have purchased my pattern (entry) but I am allergic to wool. :( So a lot of those beautiful speckles and special dyes, just aren't available to me, or so it seems I haven't found the place to look for them in other fibers. I have some silk, but it has not been wound, I need a date with the yarn winder to even consider proceeding. I love seeing all your updates though. Keep inspiring me!

    Take Care,


    1. Hi Sheree!

      Oh no about being allergic to wool! I did my own little Googling to see if I could help find some speckled non-wool yarns but sadly came up with nothing :( I hope you were able to find some beautiful colours and that you could still knit along!!

      Take care and good luck!!


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