Monday, August 14, 2017

The Summer of What?

A while ago I declared that this summer was going to be the Summer of Socks. Something that I thought, for a split second there, that I had come up with that no one else had. Yeah, no. Not even close. The Mister and I always say, whenever you think you've come up with something original just Google it and you'll find out that it's already been done (FYI: in case you're wondering, the first thing to pop up for me when I Googled it was Wendy Johnson's pattern page on Ravelry for her Summer of Socks 2008 KAL).

Regardless, I think I may have spoken too soon. Yes, I've been knitting away on socks since the start of summer but I haven't been churning them out as fast as I thought I would, or as fast as I would like to. For a moment I felt like I was on a sock knitting roll. I mean, I had finished my magical Rainbows & Unicorns socks, a pair of Rose City Rollers, and then last month a pair of (unblogged) Skews. I had ripped and re-started another pair of Skews that I had started over five years ago and was making some good progress on (as seen above). I also have a pair of plain vanilla socks on the go that's currently living in my handbag and feel like they're knitting up faster than I had originally anticipated.

But then the sock knitting madness swiftly died down. I had cast on, then two weeks later bound off, a shawl (that was sort of unblogged but you can catch a bit about it in this post), and soon after I cast on a pullover AND a blanket. Sock knitting had somewhat taken a backburner to the new and more exciting projects. And did I mention new? With that said, over the weekend I did, however, get some renewed sock knitting motivation after I had finally finished the first sock of the aforementioned rainbow stripey goodness that is this knee-high version of Skew.

This sock had turned out much better than I had hoped. Especially since I didn't plan in advance on how I was going to make these knee high length and to accommodate my meaty calf. The ribbing section is a bit longer than I would like but deem it a necessary compromise for not distorting the stripey visual had I continued on with trying to make the leg longer. I just hope that I made my notes sufficient enough so that I can replicate this for the second sock! To make sure that I don't take another five and a half years to knit the second sock, I made sure to cast it on the moment I wove in the ends of the first.

Hopefully, I can keep this sock knitting momentum going but we'll see. My new blanket WIP has taken over my brain (it's new! and exciting!) and I just recently found a long forgotten shawl WIP that I would like to finish - preferably before Andrea Mowry's What the Fade MKAL starts at the end of the month...which I've decided to join in on (more on that later). Not that finishing the shawl before starting a new one matters too much at the moment, as I haven't figured out colours or yarn yet. And who knows if I'll even get that sorted by the time the KAL starts. Surprisingly, I'm ok with that and with not casting on the second the first hint drops.

For now, I should really concentrate on finishing these magical rainbow knee-high Skews. And maybe getting a square finished on that blanket...and maybe try to figure out where I left off on that shawl WIP...

Oh, right. The socks...

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