Friday, August 4, 2017

Don't Blink

Oops! Too late. I blinked. And now it's August. I'm not even going to attempt to explain what happened to the time and how we're already halfway through the summer. All I know is that "rollercoaster ride" doesn't quite describe how these past few weeks have been. There was a death in the immediate family and shortly after it was my brother-in-law's long anticipated wedding. Our truck decided to stop working and the mechanic's bill still makes my jaw drop. Although there was a ton of travel time peppered throughout, I surprisingly didn't get much knitting accomplished. Aside from the weather being way too hot, especially in a vehicle, my navigator duties just didn't allow me to get that many stitches in.

But that's ok. I think my hands fully welcomed and appreciated the big break from knitting AND I didn't feel like I was "wasting my time" (which I usually feel when I watch TV or something and not knit at the same time). There was a lot of time spent with family, socializing, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones at the same time. Consuming copious amounts of wine and champagne and trying to learn a dance routine for the quasi-flash mob like dance that was to take place after the grooms dance with their mothers to get everyone on the dance floor (it sort of worked, I think guests were more in awe).

I did, however, cast on a new project. Out of need, you see. I realized, once again, that all of my WIPs were either too big to carry around or required way too much brain power and therefore rendered it a non-mindless knit. When I travel I like to pack along easy peasy projects and/or something that's straight up stockinette or garter. I usually like to bring two or more projects because you never know what kind of situation you'd be in and how discrete the knitting may have to be (for instance, having to wait in a deli for your sandwiches to be made versus spreading out on a patio as you enjoy some tunes at sunset). I always bring socks and either a shawl or a sweater. For some reason, everything that's on my to-knit list just wasn't cutting it for me. 

After a dive into the stash, I finally settled on casting on a V-neck Boxy by Joji Locatelli. I've been wanting to knit this pattern up for months now but always made excuses as to why I shouldn't. Oh right...because I have a lot on the needles already...


I wear my Boxy Pullover so much that I keep meaning to knit up another. So when Joji released the V-neck version last year I knew I just had to knit it up eventually. And I say eventually because I have my eye on the worsted version too. I honestly believe that you can't have too many Boxy pullovers in your wardrobe. Especially when you have a good amount of sweater quantities in gorgeous colourways in your stash.  

Speaking of stashes, I've decided that I MUST go on a yarn diet. Pronto! My stash is getting out of control. Correction: my stash enhancements is getting out of control. As I've mentioned several times before, I keep a spreadsheet of how much I knit up (WIPs don't count, just FOs), how much I added to the stash, and how much I take out of the stash. I won't say exactly how much I've added to my stash but I will say I've barely knitted up 6,000 metres. The past few months I've taken advantage of sales, free shipping offers, and joining friends on group orders. Various members from one of my knitting groups have been downsizing their stash, and who am I to turn down free yarn??

From my Instagram feed
Taking advantage of Sea Turtle Fiber Arts' epic summer sale

So, with all of you as my witnesses, I hereby declare that I will not be purchasing any more yarn. For the month of August. Unless I destash a whole whackload, then it's ok IF I want to purchase a skein or two. And yes, I'm only saying that as a safe guard in case I am able to make it to Fibrations this year (up island travels are on our summer bucket list this year). Hey, I'm only human! And yarn fumes can be so, so dangerous!

How about you? How's your summer been? What have you been working on? Have you been adding to your stash as vigorously as I have?

Happy Knitting! ♥


  1. I hear you, it feels like back to school is just around the corner! How did this happen?! Love that Sea Turtle yarn, good luck with your no new yarn rule!

    1. I know!! It also doesn't help that the weather here has made a drastic turn from super sunny and hot to cloudy and warm with a hint of fall. Already!

      As for the no new yarn rule...I think I already broke that rule... 😳

  2. Yes! The stash this summer is growing faster then I am knitting! My husband for the first time ever made a comment I may have to much. I did however give away two garbage bags of yarn and have minimised the stash to one rubber made tote and 2 drawers. I will say what I gave away was a lot of acrylic fine cottons and random bits of stuff I haven't used in many years of knitting.
    I caught sea turtle twice this year at events and bought yarn both times and I'd like a bit more I can't wait till she's back from her summer holidays.

    1. Isn't it such an awesome feeling to finally rid your stash of unwanted yarn! Good for you for getting rid of that much!! Last month I brought a shopping bag of yarn to my knitting group for anyone who wants it to take. It felt really good to finally free myself of the yarns I knew I was never going to knit with. If only I can minimize my stash to just 1 Rubbermaid tote!


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