Friday, June 2, 2017

Knit In Progress: Rose City Opal Rollers

Even though I'm incredibly determined to get a few WIPs off the needles, I felt deeply compelled to cast on a pair of socks yesterday. Most likely because I didn't have a portable pair of socks on the go (my Ulti.knit Socks are too fiddly for my liking to carry around and the Continental part of the knitting makes my hand cramp up too much...not fun!) and I hate leaving the house without a knitting project tucked away in my handbag. Would you believe that I didn't have a sock WIP on the needles for TWO weeks?!? Surprising, I know!

I've had my eye on the Rose City Rollers pattern ever since it was released but put off knitting up a pair simply because I wasn't sure if I would wear handknit ankle socks. Since fracturing a couple of toes a few months ago (they're healing so.slowly!!) I've discovered that I haven't been able to wear the same footwear as I used to. Since I have to buy new footwear, I figured I might as well buy something that will be big/comfortable enough to allow me to wear handknit socks with (other than my rainboots, my other shoes feel too tight when I wear them with my handknit socks). 

The idea of being able to wear handknit socks with regular footwear totally excites me! So yesterday while overseeing my kiddo's recorder practise, I finally cast on my first pair of Rose City Rollers. Oh yeah, I can tell you right now that this will not be my one and only pair! As I write this post, I'm already knitting the last few decreases on the gusset!! And get this, I'm knitting this pair with some of the minis from my Opal advent calendar but so far I'm still on the first mini!!

I'm actually torn between sticking with and working on this sock or putting it down long enough to start the sleeves on a pullover. Depending on how my right hand is feeling, I just may have a pair of socks completed by the time the weekend is over! So if anyone needs me, I'll be parked on the Lazy Boy knitting endless stockinette in the round. What are you up to this weekend?

♥ Happy weekend knitting!! ♥

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