Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Knit In Progress: Fireside Pullover

One of the dangers of having a substantial stash is that sometimes you feel guilty for wanting to buy new yarn for a project rather than use the yarn that you already have in your house. Sometimes it's not that I don't want to use the lovelies that I have, it's just that a good portion of my stash is already designated to a specific pattern or project category (re: I refuse to break up sweater quantities if I only need a single skein). Most of the time I have the perfect colour(s) but not the correct weight, and vice versa. More often than not I have right colour and weight but not enough yardage, and it's not really a design that you want to stripe or somehow incorporate another colour in, and you really don't want to either try to track down a few more skeins or wait weeks for the yarn to arrive (cause I want to cast on now, dang it!!). And then there are the times that I just want to feel that gratification of buying new yarn and casting on with it immediately thereafter. You know? 

All these issues came up when I decided late last year that I wanted to cast on Jane Richmond's Fireside Pullover. A quick peek at my Ravelry stash page showed that I had the yarn called for in the pattern (Cascade Eco Wool) but I didn't have the colour that I really wanted. Well, I did...but I had made a note that I had started using one of the hanks (out of two) for a project that I had begun way back in the day when I first started knitting. Several years later I frogged the project after finally coming to the conclusion that the pattern and I just weren't meant for each other and yeah, I had fallen out of love with the design. 

That's fine. It happens. Now I can use the yarn for something that I do love. The downside: I now have several little balls of yarn and I think I had snipped off a huge portion from the start of that frogged project and simply chucked it. Why? If only I knew. So what does that mean now? Well, for someone who despises weaving in ends I would now have way more ends than there needs to be regardless of what the project is AND I don't have a full two hanks worth of yarn to worth with. Do you see where I'm going with this?

I've been trying really hard to knit from stash these past few years. I mean, after all, what's the point in buying and stashing yarn if you don't actually use it? But it just didn't seem like I had enough in my stash to fulfil the yarn requirements. At the time I was wanting to cast on the Fireside Pullover my LYS was super low on their stock of Cascade Eco Wool and all they had were various greens and browns, sorry, I'm looking for a medium to darkish grey. I was too impatient to order yarn and for a split second there I contemplated on just settling for a colour that I had enough yarn in just so that I could start knitting. But would I actually wear the pullover then? Back to the stash I went. 

Now I know what you might be thinking, why don't I just get more Eco Wool and alternate skeins? This is where the vicious cycle comes in, where I buy the extra yarn just to find out that I only needed barely a quarter of it which makes me want to or straight up just buy another hank to supplement...which will most likely won't be enough for the next project so I'll have to buy another hank...and so on and so on.

So what's a knitter to do? Well, I put out a call on Facebook and found out that one of my knitting friends just so happens to have a small ball, maybe half a hank, of the exact colourway I was wanting to use leftover from one of her projects! I think this could be enough? I can use it for the hem and cuffs! Alright. Game on.

Before the month of October was over I had cast on the pullover and was well on my way to whipping up the yoke section. Then all Fireside knitting stopped. It was time for gift knitting for the holidays and my hands were feeling a little testy. The pullover was completely forgotten about...until now. Over the weekend I picked it back up, joined all that ribbing for the yoke and worked up the body. All I have left to do is the 3-inch ribbed hem and the sleeves. I have about half of my second hank still and I have yet to touch the ball that my friend gave me. I'm crossing my fingers so hard, words cannot express just how much I hope I'll have enough yarn to finish this. My goal is to finish the pullover before the week is over. I can do this!

Keep me in your thoughts as I try to win this battle of yarn chicken!



  1. Oh I hope it works out for you. I've been stash diving which feels really good. I mean I love yarn and will always buy a skein when I'm holiday somewhere but in the mean time yarn will always be there.

  2. I hear you! I have a massive stash, but it never seems to be the right yarn for the project I'm most burning to knit!


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