Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It Happens

Do you ever go through those awesome periods of time in which the knitty universe seems to smile down upon you and every single knit you touch just effortlessly and somewhat miraculously comes off the needles absolutely perfect? Or maybe the complete opposite, where everything goes frustratingly wrong? From the skein taking hours to wind due to either an unruly winder (or swift) or because the skein was wound improperly and it all resulted in a tangled rat's nest of a mess, to having to rip out three rows for every row you knit. Where every choice you've made was the wrong one, even though you made the same choice several times before with no problems, but now it's just wrong, wrong, wrong? 

Yeah...I seem to be in that latter group right now. It all started a few weeks ago when I decided to frog my almost finished Kveta shawl because I didn't like how thick and dense the fabric was. Using a needle that was a few sizes larger, I cast on the shawl again and was back on track. While I was making really good progress on the shawl, I also worked on the sock WIP that I had in my purse because my hand therapist encouraged me to knit more to help with my hand flexibility, mobility, and strength. 

All was going well...until I had to do this:

I went to my first knit night in months and was so engrossed in the conversation that I didn't realize until the next day that I had knit not only an extra inch of foot length but also the entire gusset of the sock. I had to rip back three inches worth of knitting!! Good thing this yarn is lovely to knit with and fun to look at! I was so excited too as I thought I was going to be able to turn the heel and be at the halfway point of the first sock.

Boo urns. Not yet.

But I did make it easy on myself by taking another pair of circular sock needles and picked up the stitches on the round that I should have been at to start the gusset increases. It definitely makes ripping out all that work much easier to do! I wish I could say that I was able to whip up the sock back to the start of the heel turn over the weekend but sadly I didn't. Aside from constantly forgetting to do gusset increases here and there (and then having to rip back again and again), I ran into another problem with my Kveta shawl...

That there above, is photographic evidence of me losing a game of yarn chicken. Should I laugh? Should I cry? Should I throw all my yarn and needles across the room and vow to never knit again? Ok, that was overly dramatic. Of course I'll knit again!! I'm not that crazy!

But dang!! How can such a simple project be so hard on me? I know that garter is quite the yarn eater, but I don't know how I could have run out of yarn - and so early in the game - when I had increased the shawl until the first skein of yarn ran out. The only explaination I can think of is that this second skein is underweight. The lesson to learn here? Weigh all your skeins before you start knitting when the pattern requires you to knit and increase your stitch count until you run out of yarn, and then need to decrease with the next skein.

Le sigh.

I haven't touched this project since this happened. I was on the fence as to whether I should go get another skein to finish the shawl, or to rip back to the start of the second skein and then frogged a few rows/increases and start decreasing immediately, resulting in a slightly smaller shawl. I'll most likely just rip back (which is a good thing because as I was staring at the photo above, I realized that I made another mistake in that I made a random decrease on the wrong side of the shawl...can you see it?). I would like to wear this shawl at least once before the weather warms up around here!!

I'm scared to touch any other knitting...or to start a new project. What if I lost my knitting mojo?? They say that stuff usually happens in threes. Well, the Kveta had two issues and the sock had one. So that's three. Technically I should be good to go, right? Once I rip back the shawl and get knitting again, I'll let you know. 


  1. Just order more yarn & keep knitting. The colorway is Gorgeous!!

    1. Haha, enabler!! ;) The colourway truly is gorgeous. I just might be too impatient to wait for yarn to arrive on my doorstep so that I can finish this!

  2. oh no!!!! That is crazy about the Kveta shawl, because like you said, one skein to increase and one skein to decrease, so that's super weird. If you do end up ripping the skein out (yikes!), Id' weigh it and find out- Berroco has good customer service, if you got shortchanged they should send you more yarn.

    1. Good to know Julie! Thanks! I'm trying to weight it out in my mind just how much of a difference in size ripping it out versus just getting more yarn to finish it. But I also know a huge part of me would just want to rip it back to the halfway point anyways to keep increasing to use up all of that third skein too! Decisions, decisions!! :p


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