Friday, April 14, 2017

Fresh Off The Needles: Oracle Space Socks

I think I had confessed to this a few posts ago, but I'll confess it again, just in case. I had actually finished these awesome socks before my carpal tunnel release surgery but ran out of time before surgery day to take any photos, and I didn't anticipate on not being able to hold my camera immediately after. Oh well. At least I'm even blogging about them...unlike the huge pile of FOs that I negligently left (still) on the very back end of my dresser that dates back to, oh...2015?


But we're not here to talk about those! We're here for the socks! This is the Speckled Space Socks pattern by Amanda Stephens (it's a freebie pattern!) and I really can't stop preaching about the gorgeousness of this design. I absolutely love how my socks came out, so much so that I re-queued the pattern. It definitely needs to be knitted up again! Maybe even with another skein of Hedgehog Fibres? Or maybe with some House of A La Mode...if I can ever get my hands on a skein (the currency exchange right now is scary. I can't justify adding an extra $10 per skein on top of the shipping!!). The yarn I used for this pair is Hedgehog Fibres Sock in the Oracle colourway. I had fallen in love with it the second I saw it and I continued falling for it with each and every stitch I had knit with it. Especially those highlighter yellow bits. So, so gorgeous!

As for the knitting, I thought this pattern was highly addictive (just one more round...just one more round...) and undoubtedly a fantastic one for those who want to knit a sock that was a little more interesting than plain vanilla but wasn't overly complicated. Yes, there's a chart involved but once you get past the first pattern repeat and can establish and read the stitch pattern, it's easy to see what needs to come next. I did have to refer to the pattern a few times when it came to joining the points of the chevron on the sides of the leg just to see which way the two-stitch cable should cross, but I was still able to run errands, pick up and put down and work on the socks easily. Although, with all that said, if you're not that great at multi-tasking or are still quite new to sock knitting, maybe this pattern will be too involved for you. I still highly recommend the pattern though.

The only mods I did were more about personal preferences than design changes. Such as casting on twelve stitches (twenty-four in total) for the toes since I have a pointier toe (I find sixteen stitches or even fourteen is just too boxy looking and leaves a "tab" of fabric above my smaller toes that can be quite annoying), and increasing the toe box my usual way. I also changed the way I did the increases on the gusset to use my favourite increases (M1R/M1L) instead of the ones used in the pattern. Otherwise, why mess with a beautiful design when I don't need to?

I used my usual needle size for socks as the fit is supposed to be similar to that of a plain vanilla, maybe a stitch tighter (pun intended!!) since the two-stitch cable doesn't have much give to it. I found the fit of my pair just fine, however, I do recommend trying on the sock after the first pattern repeat to make sure you like how the design stretches over the widest part of your foot, and again after you knit the stitch pattern around the ankle area.

I contemplated making the leg longer solely for the purpose to use up more of this luscious yarn but then decided not too because the stitch pattern would stretch out and distort the design too much for my liking, and I'm too lazy to try to figure out and do the math that's most inevitably involved to accommodate the extra stitches to make the design look nice around my meaty calves. Besides, the leftover yarn would look awesome in a pair of frankensocks...if when I get around to knitting a pair up, that is. 

Just because I can't get enough of these socks, here are some close-up detail shots:

They're so, so, SO pretty!! Hedgehog Fibres, you make pretty yarn! Now I can see what all the hype is about! I want to say that I really can't wait for my LYS to get their shipment of Hedgehog Fibres, but do I honestly need that temptation?? I've already caved a few times and bought a few skeins of Mudpunch (what can I say, she was having an anniversary sale and I like supporting my friends!), and just last night I bought a skein of Gauge Dye Works (formerly known as Caterpillargreen Yarns). In my defense, I've been wanting the Weekend colourway since it made its debut at Knit City.

I know, I know...excuses, excuses. 

Meh. I've been needing some cheering up lately and yarn definitely cheers me up! But if it helps, I vow to do better with the cold sheeping and the using of stash yarn before buying more yarn for the rest of the year. I swear!!

:: Sock Details ::
Pattern: Speckled Space Socks by Amanda Stephens

Yarn: Hedgehog Fibres Sock
Colour: Oracle
Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharps Fixed Circulars in 2.25mm (US 1)


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