Thursday, March 30, 2017

Back On It

Hey, Friends!! How's it going?

Guess what? I've got some awesome news. I'm knitting again!! Yes!! Oh man, it feels so, so good! It has been a little over a month since my carpal tunnel release surgery and my hand feels really good. The past few weeks I've been working to build back up my hand flexibility and strength. It's still slow going because according to my surgeon I need "to be more aggressive" with both my scar massage therapy (I'm such a wuss with the discomfort and pain that comes with this!!) and hand usage. Apparently, I still have a tendency to protect my hand. I need to remember that there's no longer a risk of ripping open stitches or the incision, which is fully closed and healed (albeit quite fresh scars can be). Hopefully PT and therapy will help sort that out!

In the meantime, I'm overly ecstatic to report that I can knit comfortably again with my left hand and for longer periods of time (insert mega happy face here) than the few minutes here and there that I had mentioned in my last post. It almost feels like how I used to be pre-surgery! However, sock knitting is still a little touchy due to the tightness in my pinky and ring fingers, but hey, at least I can knit a few rounds on socks now! And my breaks are longer between knit sessions than they were pre-surgery, as I don't want to over do it and sadly, the carpal tunnel in my right hand has flared up a little here and there as a result of relying on it more when the left was healing. Le sigh.

I'm not going to dwell too much on my right hand and the imminent surgery it will need in the very near future. Instead, how about I talk about the fact that I'm currently working away on two WIPs? The main one, shown in the photo above, is a shawl that I'm knitting for my son's school's annual year-end fundraiser. The pattern, Water by Sylvia McFadden, has been a fantastic knit so far and I find myself not wanting to put it down! Which is probably a good thing since the deadline for handing in any fundraiser items is coming up pretty soon. I'm using deep, deep stash yarn for this. We're talking six years deep. It's Dream In Color Starry and has bits of silver metallic fibre spun into the yarn. My camera can't pick up the fact that this is actually a variegated yarn and that there's different colours, like purple, green, and brown within the tonal shades of blue (I did take a stash photo back in the day that picked up on some of the colours, take a look here on my Flickr, if you're interested). Nor can the camera pick up the sparkliness of the metallic fibres without it looking like pieces of lint or the like. I can't wait to see how this shawl will look once it's done and blocked. I'm a little concerned that it's a little on the small side, as I just started the last section before the border and picot lace bind-off, and I just joined the second skein of yarn. I guess I'll find out in a few days... 

The second project, I was thisclose to finishing. That is until I decided to frog the whole thing and start all over with a bigger needle size. I hate it when I'm knitting away on a project and I get that little feeling in my gut that tells me that not only is the fabric a little too dense for my liking but the project is coming out smaller than it should be. And not in the sense of small according to my tastes but much smaller than the dimensions given in the pattern. I know, I know...that's what a gauge swatch is for. Meh. This shawl is knitting up faster this time around than it did in the first. And the colours are so gorgeous that I truly don't mind having to knit this again. This shawl is the Kveta shawl from the Berroco Millefiori booklet (#377) and I'm using the recommended yarn, Berroco Millefiori in the Viola colourway.

The pattern is super simple and the yarn is oh so silky, but I do find that I have to pay attention to how I'm inserting my needle into the stitches. My needles are so pointy that sometimes I catch myself splitting this single ply yarn by a hair, but it's enough to make the stitches look wonky. I'm sure if I just switched to needles that have a more blunt tip I'd be fine. But I don't own any blunt tipped needles. I like them super pointy and stabby!

I'm hoping to get this off the needles pretty soon too. I would like to wear it before the weather warms up around here. I think it'll look awesome paired with a denim jacket over the black Moneta dress that I plan on making some time this spring.'s good to be knitting, creating, and planning again!!

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