Wednesday, February 8, 2017

This Wednesday's WIP

Photo shamelessly swiped from my Instagram feed

I wish I could say that a ton of knitting has been happening lately, but there hasn't. My part of the Island, or more specifically, my part of the city, has been getting copious amounts of snow these past few days. Snow that's actually sticking to the ground. Snow that actually warrants us having to check in to see if there are any school closures (FYI: nope! Not my district...grumble...grumble...). Snow that I actually have to shovel! You'd think with all this snow that I would be able to squeeze in more knitting time. Yeah, no. 

I'm not going to complain about the snow, though, since it's such a rare occurrence here. I grew up in the BC interior and so I spent my childhood winters shoveling never ending amounts of snow, building snowmen and forts, tobogganing down steep alleyways and streets (shhh! Don't tell my parents, but in middle school I used to cover my saxophone case in garbage bags and use it to slide down the hill to get home after school), and plotting snowball fight tactics. Things that seem to be quite foreign to my own kiddo, here on the West Coast.

So, whenever the opportunity arises I've been taking the Kiddo out to play in the snow, to shovel the walkways, to learn the art of snowball and snow angel making (both of which, he's still not sure if he enjoys...since he's a kid with sensory issues), and most importantly, to show him the joy that is flying down a steep hill on a thin piece of plastic that you truly have no control over while the wind whips at your frozen face seconds before you face plant into a snow bank. 

Ah...winter. I honestly don't mind you right now. 

As for knitting. Well, once the Kiddo is in bed and my evening chores are completed, you can bet I'm hitting the needles! Lately I've been multi-tasking it by binge watching Criminal Minds (I'm only on season 7) while typing up Valentine's Day warm fuzzies that the Kiddo's classmates have written up for each other (hi-fives to all volunteering parents out there!!), and squeezing in rounds of knitting between students. 

I'm happy to report that I still managed to finish a pair of socks over the weekend and earlier I completed my first ever toe-up heel flap on my Speckled Space Socks. I'm really surprised with how fast this sock is knitting up and think I just may have this first sock off the needles by the end of the week. As with all my socks, I'm not in a hurry to finish it, but do find the pattern easy to memorize and the yarn just too pretty to put down.

I just might have to though. I have two other projects that are on the verge of being done and I think I better take advantage of this project-finishing-high that I seem to be on. Just hope I can put the needles down long enough to snag some photos to show on the blog! I have a backlog of FOs that I have yet to blog about but haven't been able to nail down the time to snap a few (decent) pics. Oops!

So what's on your needles today?

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  1. I hope to finish my possum socks today. I loved reading your paragraph about growing up with snow and how you're showing your son the ropes. How fun!


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