Friday, February 3, 2017

The First Ones

It's so exciting to be able to start a new year by finishing up some WIPs within the first few weeks. Especially when one of the WIPs is a long-standing one and another is a substantially large one that I've been wanting to knit up for years and finally have. Unfortunately, I can't deem the latter project as "officially finished" just yet. The knitting on it is completed but I haven't woven in all the ends (and there are SO.many.ends!!), I haven't fixed the mistakes I've marked (a TON of super loose stitches from dropping a whack-load of stitches to fix misplaced/missed decreases), and most importantly, I haven't washed and blocked it yet.

So for now, here's the other two FOs that I managed to finish up:

Yes, another crocheted item! I had started this project around this time last year, shortly after making the first and very successful, Hudson Basket. The idea to make a tray version of the basket came after I had stopped to take a look at my work and thought it looked like a tray. I was tempted to stop right there but I was dead set on making the basket (I had plans!!). I liked the idea of the tray so much that the second I finished the basket immediately set to work on crocheting a tray. Not to mention that I had so much yarn leftover that it just seemed logical to make it while I had the motivation and the supplies. Ok, fine. It seemed logical to me.

Anyhoo, I made this tray basket pretty much to the same specs as the basket, except half the height. I actually didn't have as much yarn as I thought I did and ended up franken-stitching together a bunch of bits and pieces from previous projects. In the end, I did have to go and buy another skein of the Hudson Bay colourway. So now I'm entering into that vicious cycle of buying yarn to finish a project, starting a new project to use up the leftover yarn, running out of yarn and needing to buy more yarn to finish the project... Will the cycle ever end? I don't know. But I do have this urge to make a much smaller basket out of the leftovers...


Will I ever learn?

Also, since I've been asked this several times, the difference between the original basket and this new "tray" size:

As I've said, not much, just height. The basket I've been using to hold skeins of yarn that I keep by my desk as a form of inspiration. The tray, I keep on my coffee table, holds all my current, active WIPs and the extra skeins of yarn for them. I have a million project bags scattered around the house that are full of hibernating knits but I'm one of those people who find that if something is out of sight, then it's out of mind. Having the majority of my WIPs all neat and tidy, out in the open in one spot where I see them on a regular basis, and can easily pick one up and start knitting on has really helped in getting projects off the needles a little faster. Having to see all my WIPs has really tamed the need to cast on something new every time I plop down on the couch. Which is good, cause admittedly, there are more empty spots in my knitting needle cases than there are needles! It's definitely time to get those WIPs knitted up!

:: Basket Details ::
Pattern: Chunky Basket by Elizabeth Pardue

Yarns: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
Colours: Fisherman and Hudson Bay
Hook: 8mm (size L) 
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Hudson Bay Tray

Next up, an unplanned project but one that I felt was a must knit. A pink #PussyHatProject to show my support for the Women's March on Washington, and for the march that took place here in Victoria. I had knit a few by request from some moms at my kiddo's school and then decided to knit my own. Instead of using the actual pattern made for the movement (which you can find here), I used the KitKat Hat pattern since I've already knit it before and liked the fit. 

I didn't have any bulky or even worsted weight yarn in a pink that I thought was suitable and I definitely didn't have any pink yarn that wasn't already designated for a certain project. As a lover of pink, you'd think I would have a stash full of pink skeins! But after some rooting around I did find a wound up cake of pink sport weight that I had purchased years ago from my friend, Em, when she was still dyeing yarn under the name, Everything Old. I had bought the yarn cause it was pink, cause I loved the name (Radioactive Raspberry), and cause it was a pink that she had custom dyed for me way back in the day and sort of named it after me (long story short: I had undergone a radioactive iodine treatment for my thyroid and the Mister felt compelled to Photoshop pictures of my so-called radioactivity. When I had gone to Em asking for a certain shade of pink, I had sent her a photo of a pink Kitchen Aid mixer in a colour called "Raspberry Ice"). I had no real plans for the yarn but I had wound it up a long time ago, getting it ready. Ready for what? Maybe it was destined to be this hat?

I originally started knitting the hat as per the pattern instructions but a few round in I found the fabric a little too flimsy. So I ripped back to the beginning and cast on again with the yarn doubled. What I should have also done was gone up several needle sizes, or at least cast on the full amount of stitches as stated in the pattern. Before I was even halfway done I found the fabric a bit too thick and tight for my liking. But it was too late to rip back and restart now. When I came to the conclusion about the gauge of my hat, I had hours before the march was to take place! 

While the hat fits me, the Kiddo ended up wearing the hat for most of the day. I'm sure that the hat will most likely stretch out nicely after some wear and really if I just soaked and blocked it the fabric would relax a little and be more to my tastes. But for now, I think I'll stick to my tweedy black version. It's a lot more subtle for every day wear than an in your face pink!    

:: Hat Details ::
Pattern: KitKat Hat by Andre Sue
Yarn: Everything Old Lively (now discontinued)
Colour: Radioactive Raspberry
Needles: 4mm (US 6) and 5mm (US 8)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits #PussyHatProject


  1. Wait a sec! You can fix loose stitches after casting off? Please explain!
    And I love your baskets. They may have convinced me to give crocheting a try.

  2. Love those baskets!! Think they are beginner friendly? I have only very minimal experience crocheting, but they look so wonderful! And I too knit an unplanned cat hat, Found some Sweet Georgia sock in my stash and held triple of gauge. Worked great, though!


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