Friday, February 10, 2017

Fresh Off The Needles: August Socks

Knitters and friends, I am happy to announce that my first pair of socks of the year are officially off the needles!! Wow...I honestly thought this pair would be forever stuck in the confines of my handbag. Who knew dedicating a night to working on them would kick start a sock knitting craze? Nevertheless, I'm happy that I was able to knit up a skein of yarn the same year that I had purchased it. I feel like I've been not only attending knitting events and buying all the yarns but just buying all the yarns in general. Neither of these are true, by the way. But the feelings of going crazy with major yarn consumption has been weighing heavily on my mind. I guess a good majority of fibre lovers out there feel this way. Especially when SABLE status has been thoroughly met and greatly surpassed.

Anyhoo, let's just say that I'm just happy that this gorgeous skein of Caterpillargreen Yarn has been knitted up and isn't hiding in the darkness that is my yarn closet. As you can see, I've knit this pair up in a plain vanilla style. Toe up, of course. I used my usual stitch counts and numbers - such as casting on 12 stitches for the toe (I like a pointier toe because my big toe and second toe are longer than the others and I feel a 16 stitch toe is just too...flat and boxy looking), increasing up to 64 stitches total, knitting the leg for 6 inches and went with a 2 inch 2x2 ribbing just so that I could use up more of the stunning yarn. 

I originally tried to knit a gusset heel but halfway through the heel on the first sock I decided that I really didn't like how the striping and colour transition was playing out. So I ripped out the heel and went with the trusty Fish Lips Kiss heel. I think it now looks so much better and the colours aren't so "choppy" looking from the front of the foot.  

Also, after finishing the first sock, I decided to not make this pair identical. The first sock I had knit started with the reds and oranges at the toe and worked up to the green. I was quite sad that I couldn't optimize the green and make that section longer. But alas, my short legs would not allow for a sock any longer than it already was without turning them into knee socks. Since I couldn't get over the rich gorgeousness of the greens, I decided to start the next sock with it and have the colours go in reverse direction. I really like how that turned out!

Caterpillargreen Yarns made it SUPER easy to accomplish either an identical pair of socks or a pair similar to mine by dyeing the yarn so that the middle of the skein is green with the outer skein starting (ending?) with the red/orange sequencing into the yellows before hitting the green. I probably made absolutely no sense there. But you can see what I mean in this Instagram photo that I posted last month.

The only issue that I had was that I didn't wind off any extra green yarn before starting the toe of the second sock. Instead I had cast on that second sock immediately and it wasn't until I was close to the heel that I realized that I still had way too much green to knit up before I would hit the yellows. So I cut my working yarn and had wound up about a golf-ball size amount of the green before re-joining the yarn. I was pretty surprised to see that the socks turned out somewhat "even" in terms of colour distribution! So this is what happens when I don't overthink things!! 

I can't get over how awesome these socks turned out and they only confirm my complete need to get a skein of Caterpillargreen's Weekend colourway. But I told myself that I'm not allowed to buy a skein until I knit up at least three more pairs of socks. A goal this year is to knit up more yarn than I've acquired (since last year was such an epic bust!!) and I know that denying myself entirely from yarn buying would only result in a binge of sorts. So this is the compromise. 

So...excuse me. I've gots some socks to knit up!!

:: Sock Details ::
Pattern: My usual plain vanilla sock recipe and numbers with FLK heel
Yarn: Caterpillargreen Yarns MCN Fingering
Colour: Fibrations 2016 Limited Edition
Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharps Fixed Circulars in 2.25mm (US 1)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits August Socks 

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  1. Cool socks. I always admire her yarn on IG; need to order her one of these days.


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