Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2016: In Review

I know, I know...the first month of the year is almost over but I figure that posting my 2016 crafty year in review late is better than never. It seriously took f.o.r.e.v.e.r to get back into the usual routine after the holidays. It also didn't help that both the Mister and the Kiddo got consecutively hit with the flu that lasted at least three days each. I've been downing my favourite elixir of lemon honey and ginger as well as any and all varieties of vitamin C as possible in the hope of avoiding getting sick too. So far, so good!

I'm also happy to report that my hands have been feeling good and I was even able to knit non-stop throughout the holidays. My CTS was a bit ptouch-and-go all through 2016 and at times I had even entertained the idea of undergoing the carpal release surgery because I'm convinced that it's only a matter of time before I'll have to get the surgery done on at least one of my hands anyways. In the meantime, I've seemed to have found the right "formula" to help keep my pain and symptoms at bay in terms of stretching, wearing braces to bed, taking days off, and switching knitting styles. Because of this formula I was able to knit all year without needing to take a month or even weeks off from knitting! 

Even though I was able to steadily knit all year, I didn't finish as many projects as I did last year. Although, I do have quite the hefty pile of WIPs that I had started last year... 


Like in previous years, I've broken down my 2016 crafting into point form stats:

    ➳ 4,798 metres (5,247 yards) was knit up from stash
    ➳ 15,620 metres (17,083 yards) was added to the stash
    ➳ 6,037 metres (6,602 yards) was destash/sold/gifted
    ➳ After all is said and done, I ended the year with more yarn in the stash by 8,934 metres (9,770 yards)
    ➳ In my defense over 6,675 metres (7,300 yards) of yarn added to my stash was from an ex-yarn dyer friend
    ➳ I've knit and finished:
          :: 1 pair of slippers
          :: 2 test knits
          :: 3 shawls
          :: 3 baby items (2 sweaters and 1 blanket)
          :: 4 accessories (2 pairs of fingerless mitts, 1 hat, 1 plant cozy)
          :: 7 pairs of socks
➳ I've cast-on but did not finish:
          :: 1 capelet
          :: 2 pairs of socks
          :: 2 cowls
          :: 3 shawls
          :: 4 sweaters
    ➳ I crocheted 2 items (technically 3 but didn't finish the last crochet row on 1 of the items)
    ➳ 2 knitting events were attended, 1 of which I was a vendor at
    ➳ 0 Knit Picks orders were made (!!!)
    ➳ 4 online yarn orders were made with only 1 of them being from a different country!

Not bad, I suppose. Except for that WIP list...I wish I had finished at least one garment for myself! Yeesh! 

So how did I do with the goals that I had set for myself for 2016? Well, let's see:

⤷ I wanted to knit more from stash. Yeah...that's probably 50/50? I can't complain as I really didn't go out looking for and buying yarn for a project without looking at my stash first, but instead may have bought a skein here and there to go with what I already had. That's a huge difference, if you ask me. But I could definitely do better in this department.

Knit more with Canadian indie dyers. Nope. I failed miserably at this one. I think only a handful of projects contained Canadian indie dyers. BUT I did buy more yarn dyed by Canadian indie dyers! So that kind of counts, right?

Buy all yarn from my LYS or directly from the dyer. I think I did just OK with this one too. 

Knit a garment that involves colour work. Nope! But I did knit a plant cozy that had colour work! That totally counts! I mean, I at least dipped by toes into the colour work pool, which is better than not at all.

Knit a pattern from the top 10 that I had listed in my Ravelry queue. Admittedly, I'm not sure about this one as I didn't keep track. But I did knit a pattern that I had in my queue since 2010. So I'm going to say this is a win.

Knit 6 pairs of socks. CHECK!! Yes!! It sure helped that I had started the year on a sock knitting spree, so I was able to not only accomplish this goal but knit up an additional pair. Yay!!

Explore knitting pattern design some more. No. Total fail. I did not face my fears on this one. 

Blog more. Hmm...I consider this one to be more of an ongoing goal as I can't really say if I did blog more or not than in previous years. I still have this hang-up of wanting to blog for myself and for the sake of adding value to the fibre arts/maker community (and the Internet), whether that be in the form of new photography (photos I've taken myself versus images found online) or written copy. I worry about posting stuff for the purpose of keeping blog appearances and/or needing to hit a certain number of posts per week or month. I've realized just how much time it takes for me to take photos (even when the lighting is in my favour) and edit them, and just how many hours it takes to write even the most simplest of posts. Time that I quite frankly would like to use to settle down and get some knitting done! 

For the past few weeks I've been thinking about what I'd like to accomplish and what goals I'd like to set for this year. I know knitting more from stash will always be on that list and quite possibly going "cold sheep" for as long as possible (my SABLE status is seriously getting out of hand!) will remain on there too. Hmm...I think I should knit for a bit and think some more. In the meantime, how did 2016 make out for you?

♥ Happy 2017!! ♥

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