Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WIP Wednesday: October Update

October is here!! October is here!! There's so much going on right now that I'm in that state where you know you have so much to do but you stress out so much that you end up not getting anything done. I keep writing lists and then promptly lose them. Some time down the road I will find a stack of these lists somewhere completely random and unexpected in my house. Like in the crisper box in my fridge. I honestly wouldn't put it past me. 

Before I go on a major list writing spree, how about I give you an update on all the WIPs I've been working on this month? My hands have been feeling fantastic (YAY!!), so much so that my surgeon has decided to put off the surgery date we had planned for my left hand!! I really think taking a day or two off from knitting every week, and switching up my projects has truly helped in curbing the CTS pain. I also firmly believe that the cooler weather is a huge factor in this too. I have found that the few times I've been stuck in an overly warm room or area, my hands would tingle intermittently with flash pain. It's weird. Hmm...another reason for me to love fall?

Anyhoo, so far this month I've been working on three main projects: the Wild Flowers (Business Casual) socks, the Ulti.knit socks, and the Missoni-Inspired Blanket

I'm really close to finishing the Wild Flowers socks. I think I have a repeat and a half to knit for the foot before I can start the toe. I have to admit that I've been a little hesitant about finishing these socks because they've been such a joy to knit and I love watching the colours and the pattern build up as I knit. A completely silly way of thinking, I know! I just might have to knit a matching square swatch with the leftovers and frame it so that I can enjoy the beauty of this yarn on a daily basis. 

Yeah, I'm a knit nerd.

The progress has been much slower on the Ulti.knit socks due to the fact that I don't work on it outside of my house. I have to be careful that my yarns are always separated - even a slight twist of the working yarns will cause a snag in the knitting flow and the one and only time I did knit in public with it, I had quite an audience (and a lot of weird looks). A good portion of this audience felt compelled to tell me that I was knitting wrong. One person even told me I was "crocheting wrong". Um...ok... Also, my hands seem to have a higher chance of cramping up as a result of my firm grasp in a "crab claw" hold that I tend to have while knitting on this project. I have to take breaks from it often and knit on something that involves a thicker weight of yarn and bigger needles.

I think that's why I'm getting so much accomplished with the Missoni-Inspired Blanket. Knitting with worsted weight and a pair of 5mm (US 8) needles seem to be the magic knitting combo that make my hands happy. Well, that and chevron stripes are highly addictive to knit. How addictive? I'm a little over halfway finished with the colour sequence! When I noticed that I was completely surprised. Although, there are a few colours that I only had to knit a few rows with and the magenta and cerise colour arrangement is worked only once and that's at the very beginning of the blanket. I have a fair amount of both colours left so I'm thinking I may repeat that colour order at the end to make it look like end borders or something. I'll have to see how big the blanket is once I'm finished the colour sequence as written.

I'm really hoping that I can finish one of these projects before the month is over, most likely the Wild Flowers socks, as I decided over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to start my holiday gift knitting and just last night I had cast on a pair of test knit socks. My hands feeling awesome has truly ignited my knitting mojo and I find myself wanting to knit all the knits. I've been combing through my stash (which I've documented a few times as an Instagram story) trying to "shop" for yarns that I could use to knit up one of Jane Richmond's newest patterns, Fireside Pullover (from her newest book, Within, co-written with Shannon Cook), as well as Joji Locatelli's Granito (from her newest collection, Favorite Things). I honestly have no business thinking about casting on new garments when I still have a few on the needles...and I should really, really, really think about gift knitting now while my hands are capable. While I think about exactly who I'm gifting hand knits to and what I should knit them, I think I'll go through the stash once more to see if I have anything to knit Tin Can Knits' 1999 pullover (from their newest book, Mad Colour)...

Happy Knitting!! ♥


  1. Your Business Casuals are looking fantastic! I agree, that colourway is da bomb. Frame that swatch! I love that idea. I'm also a wee bit obsessed with your blanket... it's perfection.

  2. The Biz socks' colorway is really cool. I'm so happy for you that your hand is better and knitting a variety of projects + resting here and there is helping immensely. Yay!


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