Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Can't Blog...Knitting

I don't know about you, but this cooler weather and random periods of rain have really amped up my knitting mojo. That, and a good tossing of the stash has made me want to cast on ALLLLL the knits!! I know it seems like I'm always tossing the stash and never actually finishing anything (but I have!!), but I usually go through the stash once a season...more so to put yarn away (re: overly ambitious daydreamer knitter here!!). But this time I saw a baby carpet beetle. Yes, it was on a window ledge. Metres away from a skein of yarn. Still. That's way too close to my stash for my comfort. While something small like a tiny carpet beetle that may (or may not!) have flown to the window sill on their way to something bigger wouldn't send anyone sane else into a stash tossing tizzy, it's an occurrence that reminds me that I have unprotected skeins of yarn stacked haphazardly in one of those Bolga grass baskets in the living room and possibly in a paper shopper bag next to my bed. It reminds me that colder weather is coming and therefore all the creepy crawlies are going to want in AND want to share your space. It reminds me to not be so lackadaisical about how I store "my precccccious!!".

Anyhoo, with the start of each new season comes the onslaught of Starteritis. Well, it does for me at least. The past few days has felt like it has been nothing but winding yarn, yarn, and more yarn...and sometimes casting on. With only random, fleeting guilty thoughts of the half finished projects that are languishing in project bags that are slowly making their way to the bottom of the WIP pile...hmm...let's not talk about that. 

So far I've got a new pair of socks on the needles, another pair barely cast on (and I say barely because I'm not sure if I'm liking how the colour I chose for the toes/heels/cuffs goes with the colour combo of the kit I'm using), a kiddie knit, and...get this: a blanket. What am I thinking with that one?? I blame the cold nights!! As for the kiddo knit, I'm thinking of frogging it because the ladies of Tin Can Knits have just dropped their newest book, Mad Colour, last week and I'm thinking of casting on for either a Bumble Sweater or 1999 pullover once I get my hands on a copy of the book. 

I've also been playing around and swatching with some new yarns, thinking ahead in terms of holiday knitting and teacher appreciation gifts, and on top of all the knitting, I'm trying to photograph and list all the project bags I have on hand and have been sewing up as of late. Yeah, it's been a little busy around here. But I love it! I just wish I could do everything all at once! For now though, this blanket has caught my full attention and I just can't put it down! It's so colourful and bright and I keep telling myself "just one more row and then I'll make dinner/go to sleep/adult, but the uneven striping action makes me want to see how the next stripe is going to look. You know how it is. I promise I'll blog about it soon...

Just let me finish one more row...


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