Friday, July 22, 2016

Jumbled Up in July

A part of me is sort of freaking out. There's only ONE week left of July. 

What?!? How did this happen??

I have seriously accomplished nothing this month. Nothing. Or, at least, that's how I feel. I probably feel this way because most of the month has been filled with unexpected visitors from out of town plus a weekend visit from the in-laws thrown in (meaning: crazy house cleaning was in full effect on top of my attempts to try to hide ALLLL the knitty and sewing related things...yeah, that last part didn't work out so well). All of this meant that my knitting and sewing times were drastically cut short, and then there were a handful of days where bag production had to be stopped completely. This was not only a major stress-inducer for me, but also the reason why I broke my self-imposed "cold sheep" plans and bought myself some yarn. I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to be hectic. Very. As in I'll be spending my nights holed up in my sewing closet frantically sewing like a maniac while overly caffeinated and thoroughly sleep deprived. I had tried to schedule it so that I wouldn't end up like this but I guess I truly do work better under intense pressure. 

Another reason why I haven't done much of anything lately: Pokémon Go. I know...I know... Since downloading the app on Sunday the Kiddo has been obsessed with the game and completely preoccupied with "going on hunting adventures". I really can't criticize the game though because not only are we learning a lot about our little city, but we've clocked a lot of kilometres roaming around our area and a few parks in search of Pokémon, and have spent more time outside this past week than we have all summer thus far. And the best part of all: the Kiddo hasn't complained once about all the walking. It hasn't dawned on him just how much we walk and the only time he gets cranky is when I have to call it a day...because seriously, the sun has set and it's already past his bedtime. But it makes me happy to see him wake up bright and early the next day, eager to walk another 10km just so that we can 'hatch' another egg or two because he so desperately wants to get Pikachu. We've been walking so much that by the end of the day I've been crashing on the couch, barely able to keep my eyes open enough to do any kind of crafting! It's a bit sad too though because the only solo time I have is after 9pm, when the Kiddo is finally in bed, the house is cooler, and I can actually sew uninterrupted. I just wish the rest of the house weren't such early risers/morning people so that these super late nights wouldn't take as much of a toll on me as they already are. Le sigh.

My only respite during the day is when we stop for a picnic lunch or when we make our weekly trip to our local library and it's only during these precious, precious moments that I'm able to knit a few rounds here and there. Sometimes, first thing in the morning before anyone else wakes up, I can sneak in some quiet "me time". But those moments are very far and few between as the Mister has to be up by at least 6am and he has no idea what quiet means (he's the definition of a bull in a china shop, I kid you not!). I honestly cannot wait for August when we go on vacation and I can hunker down and get some serious knitting time in.  

Until then I've been slowly plugging away on my socks, finished a sleeve on one of my Breathing Spaces, cast on and finished a baby sweater and a pair of fingerless mitts, and most recently I've cast on another baby sweater (which you can see in the photo above). Between all these knits I was working on a project using a hank of super bulky yarn but have frogged it so many times that it is officially in time out until I can sit down and actually concentrate on what I'm doing. For now my brain can only handle truly mindless (and portable!!) knitting.

I'm actually surprised that I haven't gone bonkers from the lack of real knitting time, like I did back when my CTS first flared up. I'm not even anxious over the fact that I haven't been able to post regularly on Instagram due to the aforementioned shortage in knitting opportunities - cause really, cutting out and pressing fusing onto fabric isn't the most photogenic activity in the world. Total yawnsville, according to Instagram. But I'm unusually ok with all this. If anything, my hands have appreciated the knit-less intervals and the mini breaks from the computer. I didn't realize just how much CTS and heat do not mix until my hands started to swell up from time to time and get uncomfortable enough to do anything. Luckily I don't mind soaking my hands in icy cold water in this heat! 

Who else thinks this month has flown by really fast? Are you chasing time as much as I am?  

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  1. I haven't played Pokemon GO, but Guy has it- and I can see how fun it would be for kid especially! Anything that helps people get more exercise is probably pretty good in my books. But that definitely cuts into the crafting time! I too and stunned to see the end of July so near. How the heck did that happen?


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