Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lately In March

Photo via my Instagram feed

I've caught a nasty, nasty head cold over the weekend and the brutal hacking cough that came with it is making it hard for me to string together intelligible sentences. So to make today's post somewhat coherent, I've decided a point form post was a must.

♥ We're halfway through March and yet I feel like the month has just begun. I haven't been busy per se, it's probably due to the fact that I've been out of town the past few weekends and right now Spring Break is in full force. Sprinkle in visits from relatives and yeah...time around here has been limited.

♥ The Kiddo is old enough to keep himself entertained but as of late he's been wanting to me more helpful around the house. I can't argue with this and am actually really pleased that he "wants to be a contributing member of this family" (his words...that I might have said in the past). But we all know that kids "helping" means either the job takes twice as long to get done or ends up being more work than it's worth. Right now the Kiddo wants to be helpful in the kitchen and while I have no problems letting him put the groceries away unsupervised, there are a lot of things that he wants to do that require adult eyes, like using the waffle iron, baking muffins, making Rice Krispie treats, and stirring anything that's on the stove.

♥ My hands have been feeling decent enough lately that I've been getting a fair amount of knitting done. Which, of course, means that I've been blogging less and knitting more.

♥ Don't worry, I'm still taking care of my hands. I make sure to sleep with my braces every night, I stretch every chance I get, and I ice my wrists often.

♥ Current, active WIPs on the needles to date: 1 sock, 1 test knit, 2 shawls, and 2 tunics.  

♥ Even though a lot of knitting has taken place, I actually don't have much to show. Since developing Carpal Tunnel I've noticed that my gauge has been all over the place. On really good days my gauge is how it normally would have been pre-CTS, as my hands start to ache my gauge loosens up. On really bad days my gauge can be off by as much as two stitches!! One of the tunics I've been working on I had to set aside, my gauge really jumped and I need to come up with a new game plan. I'm determined to make the yarns work...just got to make the gauge work too!

♥ I recently finished a super easy and super quick test knit for my lovely friend, Liisa of Fluff & Hustle. She had her first trunk show at Baaad Anna's in Vancouver last weekend. If you went to it, please let me know! I wish I was able to go but the Kiddo and I had accompanied the Mister on his business trip to Kamloops.

♥ While in Kamloops I was unable to visit what appears to be, according to the Internet and Ravelry, the one and only yarn shop they have. Not that I need any more souvenir yarn. Or yarn in general.

♥ But I have been purchasing yarn. A friend was making a Knit Picks order and I took the opportunity to purchase a sweater's worth for the Kiddo (which will have to wait until after that the weather is much, much nicer now!), and I threw in a set of tips from the new Majestic line. I also had to buy a skein to go with a stashed yarn for the test knit. It was imperative. Really!

♥ A lot of newbie sock knitters have been stopping by the blog (hello and welcome!!) and I've been getting a lot of questions about my socks, how I knit them, what yarns I like, etc. So to make it easier I've got a post all about socks in the works! Thanks so much for the interest!!

♥ My cold/cough medicine is kicking in and so I'm going to jet and get the Kiddo outside for some fresh air and a quick little adventure! So until next time...

♥ Happy Knitting!! ♥


  1. Sorry you got hit by this nasty bug. Coughs are the worse as they linger longest. Supposedly rubbing Vicks on your feet and wearing socks to bed help at night? Rest when you can and take care. Get well soon. Oh and BTW, your point stickies are so cute.

    1. Hi Stefanie! I've tried the Vicks on the feet before bed, which works for a little bit, it's the nagging cough that usually wakes me up from my slumber and makes it hard to sleep. :/

      The stickies are from Daiso! I can't get enough of them!

  2. I hope you're starting to feel better now. I did go to Liisa's trunk show and it was fabulous. She was an entertaining host. I bought her Stacks pattern and a skein of Raincity Knits with which to make it. Two thumbs up; would attend again.

    1. Thanks for the input Chantel! I've only seen a few IG photos of the event. If Liisa has another show, I hope I'll be able to make it!!


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