Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fresh Off The Needles: Cheesecake Socks

Hey Friends!! After a mini two week hiatus for Spring Break, I think it's time to get back into a routine (finally!) and back into blogging. It was quite obvious from the get-go that trying to get anything done with the Kiddo around was not going to happen. Having the Kiddo around made my days feel much shorter. Probably because the days during the break were filled with making as many memories as possible while the nights were utilized for much needed quiet "me time", which was spent knitting and listening to true crime podcasts. I took advantage of the Mister's early nights off and tried to meet up with friends for knit dates as often as I could and even got my butt to a knit night. It's amazing how much you crave adult conversation after spending a day with a 7 year old! And it's weird to think how I once couldn't wait for my son to start talking, and now I just want him to be quiet long enough for me to have a proper thought. Ah, parenting.

Anyhoo, whenever I tried to sit down and blog something always came up and interrupted my train of thought - neighbours demanding to know who parked in their spot, the Kiddo dropping an entire box of cereal all over the floor, family or friends popping by unexpectedly or an hour earlier than planned, a bottle of kombucha exploding all over the kitchen...you know, life. It's actually amazing that I got as much knitting accomplished as I did. One of the things I finished up: the fourth pair of socks for the year!

Yes, I finally got my Regia "Cheesecake" socks off the needles and added to my handknit socks collection!

I honestly didn't think I would get these socks off the needles any time soon as I had reserved them strictly for purse knitting, but last Friday's knit night gave them a real big boost. It had been a while since my Friday knitting group had a beer night so one of the lovely ladies took it upon herself to organize a beer and music bingo night. Past experience has taught me to not bring a project that involves too much thinking and the only knit that I had that was truly mindless were these socks.

While I didn't win at music bingo, I did whip up the rest of the foot and half of the toe decreases in between guessing 50s and 60s tunes, classic rock, and American hits. Since I only had a few more rounds to go I decided on Sunday to just finish the sock so that I could cast on something new. And so I did.

I really love how this pair turned out. At first I wasn't quite sure how I felt about starting the heel so quickly after the last stripe, as I was a bit worried about the sock being too tall and my cast on was a little on the tight side on the first sock. But now that it's all done and there's nothing I can do about it now, I like how the foot looks like a footie sock over the stripes. I think the leg could have been half an inch taller and I now realize that I probably could have pulled off a traditional heel flap without messing up the stripes and ending up with socks that were too tall for my short legs. I like how the Fish Lips Kiss Heel look with this yarn and how it doesn't take your attention away from the main attraction: the stripes.

The battery for my scale died so I couldn't weigh out my remnants but I did re-wind them and came away with two golf-ball sized leftovers. I knew going into this project that I was not going to use up the entire skein, I never do when it comes to socks for me. I have one more ball of this yarn in a beautiful "Cinnamon" colourway that I plan on either knitting up with a typical heel flap or, if I'm feeling it at the time I get around to knitting it up, to weigh a leftover ball and try winding that much off of the skein so that I can knit a toe-up pair and still have the stripes on the leg. It sounds like a lot of work and it's quite possible that I'll be too lazy to make the effort, but it's an idea. Just to switch things up a bit. Variety, it's the spice of life. Right?

You can't tell but one of the socks fits a smidge more relaxed than the other. The tighter sock was the first of the pair to be knit up, when my hands were feeling great. My gauge became increasing loose the more I knit on other projects. Hopefully it won't affect how the socks wear over time. To date all of my socks are still in great, wearable condition and out of the entire collection there is only one pair that fits fairly loose and bags - and that pair was one of my beginner pairs, knitted in a thicker sock yarn than I was used to at the time. I like to think I've got my sock game down pat to the point where I can almost guarantee a fantastic fit. But that might change as my hands heal and I can keep the CTS at bay.

Even if these socks do loosen up a bit I feel certain that a quick tumble in the dryer will shrink them back up nicely without sacrificing the overall quality. Of all the yarns I've ever used for socks, whether it was cheap or expensive, I've found that Regia has always knit and held up beautifully. Seriously. Regia can do no wrong in my eyes!

And I think this fun stripey pair just confirms that! 

PS: I haven't washed and properly blocked these beauties yet!

:: Sock Details ::
Pattern: My usual plain vanilla sock recipe and numbers with FLK heel

Yarn: Regia Pairfect
Colour: #7117 "Cheesecake"
Needles: Hiya Hiya Sharps Fixed Circulars in 2.25mm (US 1)
Ravelry Link: MisoCraftyKnits Cheesecake Socks



  1. I love them Melissa!! I too am going to have leftovers but that's OK. ;) xo

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) Since the leftovers will be solid colours, they'd be great for re-enforcing heels and toes on other socks!

  2. Oh how cool of a colourway. I thought you mixed a solid and a striping one together. I'm so happy for you that you got to slip away to have girl and knitting time w/like-minded others.

    1. Thank you! :) I actually had plans to mix some leftover self-striping yarn with a solid for a pair of socks. I can never get rid of my self-striping leftovers!!


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