Thursday, January 28, 2016

Knit In Progress: Harvest Dew Socks

Last week I received the first installment of Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn's three-month fingering weight yarn club subscription in the mail. I knew the theme for January's colourway was Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter but I really wasn't sure what to expect (after all, there's a lot to the Mad Hatter that you can take inspiration from). I was delighted when I opened the package and saw this beautiful skein of vibrant oranges and reds. I immediately thought of a sock pattern that has been in my queue since forever, like the beginning of Ravelry kind of forever.

Harvest Dew

Since I had a few pairs of sock needles with no WIPs on them, I decided that I needed to cast on a new project. Pronto. So I did. The pattern calls for a twisted German cast on, which I've never done before, and after watching a few videos on Youtube I gave it a try. The cast on was easier to execute than I had anticipated and the end result looks polished and definitely much stretchier than the usual long-tail cast on that I typically do. I like this cast on enough that I'm tempted to cast on another pair of top-down socks just to give it another go.

Right off the bat, I made a pattern modification. I had cast on my usual stitch count (64 sts) because I knew the cast on number for the small size would not fit my leg and the next size up would have been too big. I then proceeded to knit an accidental mod: I started knitting my usual 2x2 ribbing and not the k3,p1 ribbing called for in the pattern. Oops! This is what you get when you half-ass read the pattern, assume you know what the pattern is asking you to do, and just start knitting. Oh well, I'll take Tim Gunn's advice and I'll try to "make it work".  

All photos taken from my Instagram feed

On the last round of the ribbing I decreased my stitches to match that of the pattern's in order to work the elongated stitch design. I opted to not screw around with the stitch pattern to make it match my numbers because I had read on several project pages that the socks tend to fit on the larger side and that the design looks better stretched out anyways. Even the designer recommended going down a size because of these two main factors.

So far I'm really enjoying this project and find myself stopping more often than I should to admire the colours of each and every elongated stitch. This is my first time knitting with Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn and I'm thoroughly loving it. The yarn is soft but sturdy and has a nice, smooth twist that allows for beautiful stitch definition. The colours are intensely vibrant and deep, and I have yet to encounter a spot in which the dye didn't take. A part of me is now wishing that I had used this yarn to knit a shawlette or wrist warmers because the colours are absolutely too beautiful to cover up with shoes or boots. Maybe I'll switch it up and do that with next month's skein?

Speaking of the next installment (the inspiration will be the Queen of Hearts, can you say exciting!!), I was kind of hoping to have these finished before it arrived but lately my hands have been feeling a bit achy. I've been able to knit a little bit here and there and have to switch projects often when I do get the chance to knit (sock knitting to projects that use much larger needles and/or heavier yarn). I just might have to take another few days off from knitting, just in case. Grrr!!

In the meantime, if you would like to check out Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn too, please click on any of the links below (and no, these are not affiliate links...I'm just enabling):

:: Website :: Blog :: Instagram :: Ravelry ::

I also heard that a few more spots were just added for their Winter Yarn Club (which contains the colourway I'm knitting with now), so check that out here!



  1. The German Twisted is my go-to top-down sock cast-on! I love it and will never use Lont-tail again! Love the new socks!

  2. I really like the stitch definition from this pattern. When you posted on IG, it was an eye magnet. I will have to try that cast on for my next sock.


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