Sunday, November 15, 2015

Let The Gift Knitting Commence!

On the first day of November I waved and said "smell you later, selfish knitting!!" and officially started working on Christmas gift knitsI generally don't do Christmas knits (aside from the random last minute things here and there, like the Beer Mitt I made the Mister last year), as I find the holidays stressful enough. Not only do I not want to add to the stress levels by having to knit a crapton of things in a short period of time, but I really don't have that many knit-worthy family members. There's only so many hats, scarves, cowls, and mittens that a non-knitter can handle or want in their wardrobe. So I figured what's the point of knitting something if no one is actually going to enjoy that knit? 

As for my own immediate family, well, both the Mister and Kiddo are human-radiators and generally have a tendency to lose things. They've never asked for or shown any interest in anything involving knitwear. Ok, sometimes the Kiddo does ask for things, like a Pikachu hat or a red Alvin hoodie. But he'll completely forget about his request 5 minutes later and it even goes as far as him not recalling making such a request in the first place. Luckily I've never jumped on those requests and never made cast on attempts the second those requests were made. But then over the summer the Kiddo asked for "a yellow sweater with buttons". Repeatedly. Four months later and he's still asking for that cardigan. Alrighty then. Duly noted.

Then a few weeks ago the Mister and I were discussing our holiday plans. Were we going to stay on the island or head to the interior? What did we want for Christmas? What should we get the Kiddo? Has he even made any hints as to what he wanted? The more we discussed the more we realized that we didn't really need anything (although I want yarn, I certainly didn't need more) and the things we did need were big ticketed items that are meant more for the whole family and not just us as individuals. This brought us to what we wanted. Did we really want anything? All year we've been purging the house (we still are actually) and discovering that we have A LOT of stuff. This purging really made us think about and question the things we were bringing into the house. Like do I really need another tote bag (the answer: no) or package of locking stitch markers (yes!!)? Did the Mister need yet another beer growler (no) or set of earbuds (yes)? Did the Kiddo need more Angry Birds sets (oh, gosh no!!) or any non-Lego toys (nope!)?

So this year we decided that we are each going to give one gift to each person. Meaning: I will be knitting Christmas gifts this year. After all, Christmas knits means having to really think about the recipient and the perfect knit that they'd wear and (hopefully) appreciate. Very meaningful, right? I should have started sooner but I've decided that not only will I knit the Kiddo that yellow cardigan, but I will also knit the Mister a sweater as well. I haven't determined whether or not if I'll be knitting teacher appreciation gifts for the holidays or if I'll save those for the end of the school year. IF I do decide to knit all the gifts, that'll be 2 sweaters and 3 cowls or neckwear of 5.5 weeks. 


I guess I better get knitting!!


  1. Oh boy, the Christmas knitting rush! I'm making the 8 year old knit her teacher a washcloth and we'll add a nice piece of soap to it. My tween wants to bake cookies for her teacher herself, altho this mama will be keepin' an eagle eye since there are raw eggs involved. Good luck with the knitting. I can't wait to see these projects on the needles.

  2. I don't usually knit for others, either- but if my kiddo wanted soemthing, and would commit to wnating it a week later, I would do that, for sure. Good luck with the yellow sweater! And I agree, there is so much 'stuff' in all our homes, it's hard ot want more stuff this time of year. I've been focusing on consumables that i love- specialty teas, that sort of thing. At least it can be used up, I figure.

  3. I look forward to seeing what you knit! I've limited myself to 2 knits this year, and both are small. One is a little cardigan for my 1yr old cousin, and the other is a Little Cotton Rabbits cat for my other cousin.. My immediate family get knitwear the rest of the year as I make it!

  4. oh my! Hopefully you manage to get to all your projects! knitting for loved ones is always a nice idea until you have to do it, to me sometimes it can be a bit of a chore especially with deadlines. My husband and I since we moved away from any close family, have just decided to gift each other meaningful gifts. One thing that is not expensive but meaningful.


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