Friday, October 23, 2015

Knit In Progress: ALL The Socks!!

Sometimes you just want to cast on ALLLLL the socks. At this time of year with Socktober in full swing, cooler weather knocking at your door, and winter just around the corner it's only natural to want to knit up some cozy socks. Right? Also, I figured that since I recently finished two pairs that it was only right to get more sock WIPs back on those empty needles...and then some! 

So I did.

Four new pairs, to be exact. Whatever, I'm not ashamed. I don't even care that there's only a little over a week left of October and the possibility of finishing even one of these pairs is extremely low. No big deal, I always have socks on the needles. Although I'll admit that Socktober and Halloween both being in the same month was my excuse for casting on as many socks as I did, especially the Halloween themed ones, without feeling the least bit guilty for it. Besides, with 4+ socks on the go there will never be a dull sock knitting moment! 

So, let's take a peek at what's being knit up on my sock needles:

First up, my Hissing Fauna stripey socks that I've dubbed Zipping Along because the first sock had knit up so quickly. I had actually started this pair back in September and they were my designated on-the-go purse knitting project. Until a few weeks ago when I just couldn't stop knitting on them. 

The yarn is by my lovely friend, Chantel of Mudpunch. This is my first time knitting with her yarn and I have nothing but good things to say about it - and I'm not saying that out of obligation because she's a friend, but because this yarn truly is a joy to knit with. The yarn itself has good twist and a nice thickness to it that you just know will produce long-wearing and long-lasting socks. Her colour transitions from one stripe to the other is absolutely amazing. Practically flawless. The colour saturation and vibrancy, stunning. It's quite obvious that great care and pride went into this yarn. Sometimes when I knit with self-striping yarn I find that the colour is a little...superficial, as in you can see so much of the yarn's true base colour underneath the dyed colour. Almost like the yarn didn't get the chance to soak in the dye long enough and so the end result is socks that look like they've already been washed a few times before you've even had the chance to wear them. Not the case with Mudpunch.

I'm a few stripes away from starting the ribbing on the second sock and a part of me wants to power through it so that I can get these socks onto my feet, while the other part of me wants to hold off and enjoy the knitting process and watching the stripes materialize with each stitch. Sounds crazy, I know. For now, this project is hanging out on my bedside table so that I can squeeze in a few stitches before it's lights out for the night.

Next up, the Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos colourway that I've been obsessed with: Star Night. The first run sold out pretty fast and I was searching the Interwebs high and low for Canadian sources. I checked in with my LYS and discovered that they had plugged in another order and was waiting for their shipment to arrive. I had put my name down for a few balls and when it came in I went in pronto for fear that someone else would snatch them up. Another colourway from the line may have jumped into my shopping basket...I blame yarn fumes. 

I love this colourway so much that I couldn't resist casting on the first sock minutes after getting home from the yarn shop. This is my first time knitting with self-patterning sock yarn so I was a little nervous about my gauge. Usually I'm a tight knitter but have been making quite the conscious effort to knit more on the loose side. I have no idea why I thought I needed to be so loose because now the fabric of my sock is so relaxed and a lot stretchier than I'm accustomed to and I really hope this doesn't affect the longevity of the socks.

I had knit all the way to the heel before realizing that maybe I should have knit the toe and heel (and most likely the cuff too) in a contrasting colour, that way I could keep the faux fair isle pattern intact. Instead of stopping I had kept on knitting and before I knew it I had knit a gusset heel. I think it all looks just...ok. Which, to me, means it's time to stop knitting and really take a look at my sock and decide once and for all whether or not if I should continue or rip back. My gut is telling me to rip the whole thing and re-start with a contrasting toe and a smaller needle.

Hmmm...luckily I love this yarn and wouldn't mind having to knit with it again. And if I know myself by now, it's that I should listen to my knitterly gut...

Alright, and now for the Halloween-themed socks! 

The one above is Slutty Pumpkin by Nomadic Yarns. I bought this yarn around this time last year, along with a ball of the Halloweenie colourway (which I had promptly whipped up into a pair that I blogged about here). Aside from these being fall and Halloween related, I also wanted a super beyond mindless knit to have with me while road-tripping it with the Mister for a quick, romantic getaway up island.

Like all the other stripey socks that I've knit, I'm using the basic plain vanilla sock recipe that I use for self-striping yarns: toe-up, afterthought heel, knit for at least 6" for the leg and 2x2 ribbing until I get bored. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I had cast on the fourth sock a few hours after casting on the Slutty Pumpkin one. I've been hoarding my skein of Zombie BBQ by Lorna's Laces (Shepherd Sock base) for five years now and I thought it was simply time to finally knit it up. Actually, I pulled this skein out of 
stash over the summer and had it sitting by my bed as a gentle reminder to knit it up. For once this plan worked!

I knew the second I saw this yarn that I wanted to knit socks with it, and I knew that it was going to be knit in plain stockinette as I didn't want anything to take away from the colours. because of the generous yardage (435 yds, if you want to get all technical) I opted to go toe-up so that I could get the most out of the skein if I wanted to. I really lucked out that the colours started to stripe in its own cool way after the toe increases and didn't pool and flash like I thought it would. And once again when I got to the heel I hemmed and hawed over whether or not if I should do an afterthought heel to keep the striping intact or to just go for it and hope that a FLK would work out. There was only one way to tell and so I jumped in and tried my luck with a FLK heel. Guess what? It worked! After executing the heel the striping action continued without too much of a visual disruption! I am so incredibly pleased by this! I just hope that I'll have this luck on the second sock!

Because there was at least 8-10 hours of driving to and from our vacation getaway, I managed to get in a fair amount of knitting. I took care in making sure I stopped every now and then and stretched but even so it still means that for the next little while I'll have to take it easy. I don't want my CTS to flare up again. I made the executive decision to concentrate solely (HA! No pun intended!) on the Zombie BBQ socks, in hopes I'll be able to wear them Halloween day.  

Phew! That's a lot of socks. And I did buy some "souvenir yarn" during a quick stop in Nanaimo. Ok, fine...I used Ravelry's 'road trip planner' feature on their yarns page and found out that there was a few yarn shops along the way to our destination, but to make it bearable for the Mister I chose only one shop to stop at. So I got to visit Mad About Ewe and scored a few more skeins of Regia. It's taking all my willpower to not cast them on immediately!

Well, for least.


  1. I love Mad About Ewe. I've stopped there twice on my way back from Tofino and the people who work there are soooooooooo nice and made me feel really comfortable and not like some weird intruder.

    And thank you for your kind words about my yarn. It's a good base, and I do work hard on the colour transitions - I'm a perfectionist like you and think they could be better still ;)

    1. They were SO nice!! And not pushy at all. They knew I was on a mission so they didn't attack and insist on "helping me find yarn" as I find a lot of places do. And that store is seriously packed with yarn!

      I think your colour transitions are perfection already!! But I totally get that it's not up to your standards. Keep up the beautiful work Chantel!! ♥

  2. How fun to cast on all things socks. I really like the first and last sock yarns, but each has fun colourway names. I see there you like using Magic Loop to knit up your socks.

    1. I LOVE Magic Loop for socks!! I tend to always lose a DPN whenever I knit with them, and I generally feel awkward with them. I try from time to time to see if I can actually keep a set of DPNs together when I knit with them. So far my success rate is fairly low.

  3. I'm a sock fiend too! Love them - they're about the only thing that can keep my feet warm! I've got some Arne and Carlos sock yarn in my stash - just waiting for some solid white for contrast heels and toes before I cast on :-)

    1. I hear you about waiting for some solids in proper sock yarn for contrasting heels and toes. For some reason, with other sock yarns I don't mind mixing and matching, but when it comes to Regia I prefer to stick with matching it to other Regia. Sadly my LYS doesn't stock the Regia solids :(

  4. love all your newly-cast-on socks! So many fun colourways, you have an eye for choosing the best self striping yarns.


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