Friday, June 19, 2015

Off The Needles: Sail Shawl

Sail Shawl

I've realized four things: one, it's been over four months since I've posted an FO; two, I have a stack of FOs on my dresser - some are blocked and some need a few finishing touches before having a good block; three, I've been extremely lazy when it comes to photographing anything; and four, I've been using my ability to knit again as an excuse to procrastinate on everything. All these things added up amounts to me being a bad blogger. 

Sometimes I wish I was one of those bloggers who keeps a calendar specifically for the blog and has every single post penciled in for the next three months or so. I think I tried a few times but obviously failed at keeping it up. While knitting and the things you create from knitting is already a blog content generator, I sometimes just can't find the right words to accommodate my doings. Or worse yet, I think and "write up" the perfect post in my head while I'm in the shower and by the time I can turn off the water to write it all down I've pretty much forgotten it all. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. And sometimes I would rather knit than blog. Ok, fine. Usually I would rather knit than blog.

But for the sake of keeping track of my knitting adventures and to prove that it's not always a casting on party around here, I thought I would finally share the test knit I did last year (last year!! I'm horrible, I know!) for a dear, dear friend of mine. Let me introduce to you the Sail Shawl by Liisa Nieminen.

Sail Shawl - Side

This pattern was designed for SweetGeorgia Yarns, specifically for their newest yarn base to their product lineup, Glitterati Sock. Released earlier this year, the Sail Shawl is a fun and relaxing knit that consists of squishy garter and easy short rows to produce an asymmetrical shape that is modern and simple. The colourblocks provide interest and allows for endless colour combination opportunities. 

I was hoping to knit my shawl using SGY yarns but didn't have the colours in my stash that I wanted to use, without having to break up sweater quantities. I would have loved to have knit my shawl using one of the SGY kits made to accompany this pattern (Citrus Sparkler, the sample's colourway, is totally right up my alley), but I decided to make use of this opportunity to knit up single skeins that I have no projects in mind for. Like the several skeins of Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering that I got when I was still doing the Plucky Classic yarn club. I was lucky to find three colours of Plucky that worked well together because for some weird reason I'm not a fan of mixing my yarn brands for a project unless I know the bases are pretty much exactly the same. I was actually super excited to finally be able to knit with the pink (FYI: the colourway is called 'Think Pink!' in case you want to track it down) and I seriously couldn't get enough of it. It's so fiercely vibrant that my camera just can't handle it! 

I originally wanted to use a dark grey instead of the beige but after a lot of squinting and yes, even photo taking and computerized colour manipulating, I admitted to myself that the grey and purple were too similar in saturation. I really wanted that third colour to pop and to stand out on its own; that dark grey yarn will just have to wait for another day. The two colourblock areas in which I had used the beige were so small that the idea of using a ball of leftover yarn crossed my mind. But since I was under a time constraint and yeah, a little paranoid about running out of yarn, I decided to just go with a full skein instead to avoid any possible frogging and re-knitting.

Sail Shawl - Full Front

Since this was a test knit I didn't do any mods. I was a little worried that my shawl would turn out smaller than the sample since I'm such a tight garter stitch knitter (as I had mentioned in my Match & Move post), and while it did come out smaller the shawl is still wearable. I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this pattern, and not because a friend had designed it, but because it knit up quickly and became quite an addictive knit - I really wanted to see what the next colourblock looked like! 

Some people would consider that the "hard part" of this pattern is the picking up of stitches at the top of the shawl, but I actually like picking up stitches and had managed to pick up the needed amount on my first try. As weird as this may sound, I think my favourite part of the shawl is this top strip. It just pulls the entire design together and makes the shawl look so polished. Now that I've knit one and know just how much yarn each colour takes, I'm thinking of rounding up all my leftovers and knitting another. It's never too early to start knitting Christmas gifts, teacher appreciation gifts, and even school fundraiser items! Right?

I'm excited for when the cooler months come around again and I can wear this more often. This shawl is probably my most brightest one in my collection and will for sure vitalize even the most dull and grey winter day. I know, I know...ho could I possibly be thinking of fall and winter when summer has just begun? What can I say? I look forward to days when I can wear alllll the hand knits! Whether that be fall and winter, or even a rainy and chill Island summer day, how can a knitter not look forward to being able to wear their hand knits?
Sail Shawl - Full

:: Shawl Details ::
Pattern: Sail Shawl by Liisa Nieminen

Yarns: The Plucky Knitter Primo Fingering
Colours: Think Pink!, I Feel Pretty, and Old Lace
Needles: Signature Needle Arts Fixed Circulars in 4mm (US 6)
Ravlery Link: MisoCraftyKnits Sail Shawl :: Test


  1. It's perfect! The colours suit you so well. Garter stitch is really growing on me - I love the squishiness of it.

    1. Thanks Nina! :) I'll admit that I used to have an aversion to garter stitch when I first started knitting, but now I can't get enough of it!

  2. It's gorgeous!! I absolutely love the 3 colours yu chose, and it looks so squishy soft and comfy.


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