Tuesday, June 23, 2015

And So It Begins

Baby Flax WIP

Earlier this month I had mentioned that several friends of mine had made pregnancy announcements. I'm excited! And now that I can knit again, I'm really excited. The last baby shower I attended I gifted a handful of books that are a favourite of mine and my kiddo's, ones that we still read to this day (well, the kiddo reads them to me now). While I love gifting books to little ones (seriously, anything by Sandra Boynton and Mo Willems has gotten a huge thumbs up by all) I long to, and almost prefer, to gift hand knits to babies. There's nothing better than swathing a tiny wee one in hand knits; baby knits are just so darn cute and quick to knit up! Actually, I think my love of knitting baby items stems more from the need for the instant gratification feelings you get when you whip up a sweater in a few days. Nevermind that it's teeny and that it's for a tiny human, you've just knit a sweater in two days! Two! It makes me think of those memes, the ones that ask what your super hero power is. Mine: "I can knit a sweater in a day mofo, what's your super hero power?" (said with a lot of attitude, of course).

Anyhoo, last week I found out that a few more friends and a relative are also expecting. That brings the baby count up to almost a dozen!! Crazy pants! And I have a sneaking suspicion that more announcements will follow as we get into the summer months. So the last few days I've been combing the stash (again) for baby-suitable yarns and have been jotting down patterns on the ever growing list of baby knits. Aside from wanting to knit a Sproutlette and a Little Sister's Dress (solely for my own knitting pleasure!), most of the patterns I've chosen are fairly gender neutral. Only a few friends have found out what the gender of their baby is but I want to be prepared with stacks of baby knits (yes, I said stacks) ready to be gifted so that I'm not frantically trying to whip something up at the last minute. Luck favours the prepared (my favourite Edna Mode quote that I apparently say a lot).

I'll forewarn you now that you can expect to see a good amount of baby knits in the next handful of posts and for sure a lot on my Instagraml'm pretty confident that most of these new-moms-to-be don't read my blog so I'm not worried about posting photos and talking about these knits. There will be a lot of them, who knows who is going to get what. I'll try to make the posts not so barf-inducing for those who aren't fans of babies or posts about babies. I'll cast on a shawl just for you guys. Something to break up the "so cute!" baby talk.

But before I cast on a new shawl I've got a few more stitches to bind off on the second sleeve on the little sweater you see in the photo above (pattern is Flax by Tin Can Knits). I just wound up more yarn and hope to cast on another wee sweater before I have to pick up the Munchkin from school. If I plan it out right, I'm hoping to have a nice little stack of cutie patootie sweaters before the month is over! 

Man, I feel so productive! What a fabulous way to start the summer!


  1. Ah yes - I'm in the midst of what I'm calling Baby Wave 2 (just when I thought I'd finally made ALL OF THE BABY THINGS for Wave 1). I forgot about the Flax sweater, it's adorable! Added it to my queue - thanks for the pattern suggestions!

  2. ooh, that wee sweater is so freaking adorable!! I'm waiting to find out the gender of my little peanut next month, and then the knitting will begin in earnest! I'll be checking out your blog and Instagram for some good pattern ideas. ;)

  3. That is a beautiful little sweater! Your friends will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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