Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Time Temptations

Lynai Yarns_

For someone who's currently temporarily limited in how much they can knit in day, I sure am looking at A LOT of yarn...and patterns. I'm not sure if it's due to spring and all the talk about starting fresh and new, if it's because I've been seeing so many knitting patterns go on sale in preparation for Mad May, or if this is just a case of Starteritis nipping at my heels but something is in the air that's making me want to knit ALLLL the things. I'm going to say it's all of the above. And maybe because I've been tossing the stash and handling each and every skein of yarn that I own. 

It kind of kills me to not be able to knit as much as I want to. Or even be able to knit at the speed that I'm used to. Not that it would matter anyways since I pretty much want to wear all the things that I've been eyeing up now. Some of the items on my list are hip length cardigans, which I know would normally take me at least 3-4 weeks to knit up IF it was the only project that I was diligently working on. Times this by the three cardigans that I desperately want to be wearing now...yeah, totally not feasible or even realistic. So really it's doing me no good to wallow on my current lack of knitting and speed when such things aren't even possible to do in the first place.

Then there's Mad May. For those of you not familiar with this event, it's Ravelry's Madelinetosh Lover's group's annual celebration of all things Madelinetosh. From the yarns to all the patterns that were designed using this brand, May is the month in which everything comes up MadTosh. The weeks leading up to Mad May is dedicated to "helping" (or as I like to call it, enabling) knitters in get ready for the event: designers put out discount codes for their patterns, makers of knitting notions and bags put on sales, and handfuls of KALs get revved up.

Due to my hands and wrists I won't be participating in any KALs but I have been keeping up on the sales. Which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because patterns that I've been eyeing but putting off on purchasing are being bought. Bad because I want to knit all those patterns up right now. It's such a vicious circle.


Regardless if I can knit at fast speeds or knit along or not, I'm still pulling out yarns from the stash and pairing them up with patterns in my queue and patterns recently purchased. Most of these yarns are fingering weight but I'm hoping to try knitting them up with bigger needles and seeing if my hands are ok with that. I had tried knitting on a sock last weekend and my hands had completely protested it. Thin yarn on tiny needles is just not in the cards for me at the moment. Which is sad because the two variegated yarns in the photo at the very top of this post are pegged to become socks. Socks that I'm just dying to knit up and am wanting to see how the yarns will knit up.

The yarn in the photo above? I'm trying to decide whether I want to knit it solo into a shawl or pair it up with a darker grey and make a two-tone shawl or cowl. Due to the typical spring weather that we have here on the island (where it's super nice and warm in the sun but absolutely bone chilling cold in the shade), I've got shawls on the brain to pair up with the layers that are necessary for island living. 

MT Pashmina 4

I think I would have been content picking out a pattern from my library but then last weekend Martina Behm came out with a new, ingenious reversible cabled shawl pattern called Braidsmaid that made me drop everything. My goal was to cast on for it over the weekend but I couldn't find any yarn in my stash that was suitable - unless I broke up a sweater quantity, which we all know I hate doing. A teeny tiny part of me was tempted to run to my LYS and pick up something fitting but I punched those thoughts right in the throat and stayed away from any place that sold yarn. I am determine to shop from stash only.

After much hemming and hawing, and yeah, a realistic talk with myself, I decided to break up a small lot. I don't think it was enough to knit a garment out of it anyways...or so I tell myself. Those 2 skeins of MadTosh Pashmina you see above? I think just might be destined to grow up to become a Braidsmaid. Oh yeah.

SweetGeorgia Superwash Sock

While trying to find yarn for Braidsmaid I stumbled on so many more yarny yummies that brought to mind some other patterns that I've been meaning or wanting to knit up. Like a few beautiful hanks of Wollmeise Lace-Garn for a Hitofude Cardigan and maybe a Veronika pullover (a pattern that was brought to my attention by Tanis of Tanis Fiber Arts and her gorgeous version). A couple hanks of BFL sport weight for the newly released Naima cardigan (that peak-a-boo fair isle detail inside the pockets? still my heart!), and handfuls of fingering weight skeins for shawls and a specific cowl.  

I thought I had sworn off knitting shawls for at least a year or so after last year's shawl frenzy in which I had knit four substantially sized shawls in a span of a few months for a school fundraiser and for teacher gifts, but after Braidsmaid was released I saw the other Martina Behm patterns that were in my queue and library that I still want to knit, as well as a few Melanie Berg patterns and turns out that I'm not so sick of knitting shawls after all. Especially when I keep seeing all the great colour combos that were hidden deep in my stash - like the two skeins of SweetGeorgia Yarns Superwash Sock that you see above. I've picked out pairings for numerous Endless Rainbow shawls, a Drachenfels (or two), a very typical me colour palette for a The Joker and the Thief, and an Assimilate

But then I spy the yarns that I had set aside years ago ( in 2010 and 2011...cough) for shawls that, for some weird reason, I'm too scared to cast on for but so badly want to wear. I can't even think of a single reason as to why I'm scared and whenever I go over the pattern there's nothing there that actually intimidates me. Such odd behaviour!

Because I have quite the list of knits going on, I'm thinking for my sanity's sake I should stop looking at Ravelry's patterns page. I had told myself at the beginning of the year that I need to knit through all the patterns that I have in my library rather than accumulate more, and I have been doing a great job of that...until I was able to knit again. But let's not go there. 

Am I the only one who's feeling the bite of Starteritis? Anyone else have a lengthy list of knits they want to tackle? What patterns have caught your eye lately? Wait, on second thought, don't tell me! I better go knit on a WIP before I get myself in trouble...


  1. so many lovely skeins!! I wonder if there is some other underlying issue that has you not knitting shawls that you have the yarn for and love the pattern... sometimes there are knits I want to wear but don't actually want to knit; maybe I think they'll be boring, maybe there's a stitch I hate executing, or maybe there's already a billion FOs like it and I feel like I've seen everything that can be done with that pattern. Maybe you are craving new pattern ideas?

    1. Julie, after reading your comment I spent a few days wondering what the underlying issue is as to why I didn't want to knit certain patterns. I finally came to the realization on a few things: most of the patterns have been sitting in my queue for so long that even though I had initially picked out yarns for them, over the years I've accumulated more yarns and colour ideas that I worry about which yarns/colours to go with. Even if I truly loved a pattern and wish to knit it again, realistically my brain tells me to knit something new. So I think deep down that even though I may love a design and would want it in several colours, I know I'll knit it once. I think a part of me is nervous about making that final pairing of yarn to pattern. It's crazy, but surprisingly relieving now that I know the source of my discontent.

      Thank you for suggesting that I question myself about this, or else I'd never get the ball rolling on starting anything from that part of my queue! :)

  2. Oh man, I am SO with you! There is a looong list of things I wish I was already wearing right now. Mostly lightweight, bright happy cowls for layering over spring dresses! I definitely do not have enough of those. And cute spring cardigans. Hope you get to knit a little more each day!

    1. Haha, I hear you! Every morning I wish I had a monotoned cowl in grey to throw over my more colourful outfits, and then tell myself to knit one. Yet I always put it off in favour of knitting with colourful yarns! I definitely need to knit more spring-y/summer-y things, I think everything I've been eyeing has been bulky fall wear! :p

      This is how Starteritis happens.... ;)

  3. You're killing me with all the pattern suggestions. Now I'm thinking about Braidsmaid and whether the Wollmeise you gave me would work doubled (not many examples of variegated ones so I'm a bit hesitant).

    1. Haha, sorry Chantel (I think?) ;) I had contemplated using a variegated yarn too for Braidsmaid, but think I'll get more wear from it if I knit it in a solid or tonal. I don't know if you'll have enough yardage to make a decent size shawl if you doubled the yarn? I did see that someone had used the Twin base, but sadly didn't give any info about how many skeins they used, whether it was held double, or the size. :(


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