Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Off The Needles: Mister Beer Mitt

Last year I did a lot of gift knitting but had only knit one Christmas present. I didn't have plans to knit any gifts but then the Mister spotted a beer mitt being hocked by one of the guys from Epic Meal Time and decided that he MUST have one of his own. Luckily for me, I didn't have to figure out a pattern as there was one already made up and available for free on Knitty! Yay! An added bonus: I got to knit up some really old stash yarn that I had no idea what I was going to do with. Double yay for not having to search for and buy more yarn!!
The beer mitt was a huge hit and the Mister has used it several times already. The pattern itself was a super easy and fun knit that is also quick enough to whip up within a day (that is, if you're a monogamous enough of a knitter to do so), or up to a weekend to complete (like it did for me since I usually can't concentrate on just one project at a time). I'm so pleased with how the mitt turned out that I'm thinking of knitting myself one. It would be great for camping - which we hope to do at least once this summer - and for those mornings when I'm walking the Munchkin to school and my regular mittens just don't cut it when I'm holding my slippery travel mug. I also wouldn't have to sacrifice my fingers by donning fingerless mitts in order to combat the aforementioned slippery mug situation. Not to mention that I have three more skeins of the yarn that I used for the Mister's mitt that I still have no idea what to make with it. Since it took one skein to knit a mitt, I should just knit myself one and then knit two more large sizes and add them to the gifting box. All skeins can get used up, I'll have fun knits to gift, and I can have a toasty warm drinking hand. It's a win-win-win situation.
Done. That's the new plan.
Ok, back to the Mister's mitt. I had knit the largest size and made only three mods: I used a reverse kitchener stitch to close up the middle of the cozy; I picked up two additional stitches at each join at the top and bottom of the mitt when I joined it in the round for the hand, and then decreased back to the original stitch count on the next round; and I picked up and knitted the bottom rather than attempt to crochet it like it does in the pattern. For a more detailed account of how I knit the bottom, please check out my notes on my Ravelry project page (the direct ink is at the bottom of this post in the "project details" section).
Unfortunately I didn't get any more photos of the mitt other than the one I took with my phone and posted on Instagram (which you can see above). Not that it would matter if I did or not anyways, since my computer is still out of commission and I have no access to any photos on my DSLR. You're just going to have to trust me when I say this mitt is all kinds of awesome.
:: Project Details ::
Pattern: Beer Mitt by Toby Roxane Barna
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia Quick
Colour: Charcoal Grey
Needles: Knit Picks Rainbow Wood Interchangeable in 5.5mm (US 9)


  1. I LOVE this project!! I'm thinking that my rugged, beer drinking brother-in-law MUST have one of these. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Did you really use Super Bulky yarn as the pattern calls for? or Bulky?


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