Monday, January 5, 2015

2014: In Stat Form


Happy new year Friends!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful winter holidays! I know I did. I honestly can't believe that it's 2015 already and that I haven't blogged in over a month. Ok...well, I can believe that last one. But you know, life can get very busy in December and for me blogging just kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list. Not to mention that I've been struggling with computer problems all month and have been on the look-out for a reputable (and affordable!!) techie who could sort out my computer. Although I have a gut feeling that this time around I won't be so lucky and that I'll either be in the market for all new (and pricey) computer components and/or a completely new computer altogether. I swear, modern technology and I do not mesh well together! So please forgive me if this post comes out a little on the wonky side - third party blogging apps on the tablet is a new thing for me!

Anyhoo, these past few days I've been thinking a lot about goals and past accomplishments. I don't set or believe in new year resolutions as I think that's just putting too much unnecessary stress on yourself and find that I can never keep to them anyways. Why would I want to keep setting myself up for failure and the downer thoughts that usually accompany defeat? Instead, I like to make goals throughout the year and try to break them down further so that I can at least stand somewhat of a chance of achieving something. While 2014 was a great year for me and my family as a unit, I didn't make that many goals for myself. Admittedly my focus was on the Munchkin and so my personal goals were few and my knitting goals even fewer. My focus for 2015 is still on the Munchkin and his development, but I've promised myself to not only make more goals for myself but to actually make time for myself. As a parent it's sometimes easy to forget about yourself, hard to put yourself first, and it can take a lot of reminders to ensure that you take the time to care for yourself. But I'll talk about 2015 goals in a different post, this one is about looking back on 2014.

Even though I like to make goals year round, I do like to make knitting.and crafting goals at the beginning of each year (and financial goals...but this is a knitting blog, so I'll stick with talking about that!). My main knitting/crafty focus was sock knitting, but then halfway through the year it slowly became all about the gift knitting. I'm really surprised and proud with what and how much I've knit up, and a little taken aback by the lack of sweater knitting (hint: 2015 will be ALLLLL about the sweater knitting!!). Instead of going into great detail about everything, here are some quick stats for 2014:

Sock Drawer - January 2015
Taken from my Instagram feed

♥ I started the year with 329,436 metres (360,276 yards) of yarn in the stash. 

♥ I knitted up 11,979.5 metres (13,101 yards) of yarn in completed projects.

♥ I acquired 28,916 metres (31,623 yards) of yarn - mainly from personal purchases, but this also includes yarns gifted to me from family and friends, and from yarn companies for review.

♥ I destashed, threw out (due to possible bug contamination), and gifted 2,687 metres (2,938.5 yards) of yarn. This does not include any leftovers or minis that I gave away because I either had no idea what I was going to do with it or just didn't want to look at that yarn any more.

♥ I completed 29 knitting projects

♥ I had knit 11 pairs of socks (!!), 9 of those were for the Socks With Sarah KAL and I ended the year with 2 sock WIPs still on the needles - each with at least 1 sock almost completed. The photo above shows the current state of the hand knits in my sock drawer.

♥ 2 of those completed socks used to be super old and long forgotten WIPs that I finally bit the bullet on and forced myself to finish by either frogging and re-casting on with a different pattern, or simply changing the needles and heel. Yay for getting old WIPs off the needles!!

♥ I had knit 10 items that were gifted. Of those 10 items, 5 of them were considerably large shawls.

♥ I had knit 7 shawls and 1 wrap.

♥ Of the entire year, I had knit only 3 sweaters. Three. That's it. So sad.

♥ 7 projects used up old yarns from deep within the stash, which almost makes me feel a teeny tiny bit better about the amount of new yarn that I brought back into the stash.

♥ I ended the year with a freshly cast-on new sock and a sweater WIP on the needles. that I think about it, what I thought wasn't much is actually a fair amount of knitting! I'm especially proud of all the hand knit socks in my sock drawer and truly believe that I'll carry on the habit of doing some sock knitting on a daily basis - whether it be just a few stitches or a few rounds here and there, eventually it'll all add up and come next winter I'll have plenty of woolly goodness to keep my tootsies warm and cozy!

I'm also quite proud of the amount of hand knits I gifted and while I know that all the knits went to loving and good homes, I think I'm going to dedicate 2015 to the year of selfish knitting. Gift knitting did teach me a valuable lesson though, and that is no one "sees" the so-called mistakes and I think I loosened up a smidge on the perfectionist tendencies that I generally have when it comes to my crafting. Which is a huge deal. 

Aside from not doing anything in the sewing department (other than sew project bags) I think I did pretty fantastic in the crafty side of life and can't give myself a hard time (especially since I didn't really give myself that many goals to begin with). How did everyone else do? Did everyone accomplish their 2014 goals? Who else participated in the Socks With Sarah KAL? I'm going to spend the next few days thinking over and setting some crafty goals for 2015. Anyone already come up with their 2015 goals?


  1. Oh man, I definitely did not accomplish my 2014 goals. I had a number of projects in mind to both finish up and create from start to finish, and I didn't get to them. Not for lack of desire though! I have a dumb arm injury that's making it impossible to knit at all. Your sock drawer looks awesome!!

  2. Your sock drawer is truly enviable!

  3. I agree - that sock drawer is so inspiring! What a lovely way to start your day, staring at that drawer of loveliness. i am amazed at how much you accomplished knitting-wise, especially when you have a family to take care of as well. Well done - I'm so jealous! I have no knitting goals, just a vague one of knitting more (and more importantly, finishing more) this year. Shouldn't be too hard to do given last year...


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