Friday, November 14, 2014


Via my Instagram feed
A newly caked sock yarn

These past few weeks I've been having a challenging time trying to find that "sweet spot" in the house where I'm guaranteed decent to good lighting to take photos. Usually that spot is in the master bedroom on the corner of my bed, but since the time change and the new season that sweet spot is no more. I can kind of get away with smaller, closeup shots of WIPs and yarn but when it comes to socks and larger FOs,'s a bit of a crapshoot and even then I've got mega high changes of shadows and a weird blue-ish overcast to contend with. I'm hoping that over the weekend I can either rig something up or find a spot nearby that won't garner me too many odd looks ("look honey, that girl is taking photos of mittens on our fence...should we call the police??"). 

In the meantime in between parenting and dealing with the Munchkin's school stuff I've been knitting, filling in orders, knitting, attempting to cut fabric (apparently this mama needs a new iron), knitting, and documenting most of this via Instagram. I know a fair number of people don't use Instagram so I thought I would take a few photos from my feed and post them here to keep you somewhat up to date as to what crafty happenings have been going on around here (or you can take a peak at the Instagram widget on the blog's sidebar and see more). 

So here's what's been going on lately:

The essentials for "waiting in the car on a rainy day":
coffee, knitting, and some kickin' tunes!!
Oh, and some crazy SweetLegs too!

A fair isle inspired day on a perfect Fall day!!
Because someone will ask, the leggings are by SweetLegs!

Busting out the (faux) leather and counter-balancing the biker look by casting on
 some fun rainbow self-striping goodness!!

Still knitting away on my Harvest cardigan
and wondering if that quarter of a stitch difference in my gauge will matter?

Wow, just looking at these photos from the past week, I really do have a leggings problem!! That might change as the weather gets colder. We'll see!

I'm still plugging away on my Harvest cardigan, finishing up my current sock WIP, casting on more socks, and winding up what feels like every skein of yarn I own. The weather is just getting colder and colder and so my need to cast on ALLLL the knits is getting stronger and stronger. I'm trying to convince myself that I really can keep warm by knitting up a storm instead of just huddling under the kidlet's Spiderman blanket with my hands wrapped around a mug of tea. These knits aren't going to knit themselves!!

Although, sometimes I wish they did!

So what's on your needles?

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