Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Sign of a New Season

At the beginning of each season I usually get a bout of Starteritis, which I'm pretty sure is a common thing amongst knitters - especially when the cold weather hits. This fall it's no different. I'm not a fan of being cold (but then again, who is??) but I'm excited that I can now fully bring out all the hand knits without running the risk of melting into a woolly puddle or leaving a sweat trail in my wake. The nippy weather has me wanting and reaching for thick, woolly and cozy sweaters, not the usual thin, dainty, fingering weight cardigans that I currently have stocked in my dresser drawers. This year I'm determined to even out my sweater drawer by knitting as many worsted weight (or bulkier!) sweaters as I can.

At the moment I've got 4 patterns and the yarn all lined up and ready to go (6, if you count the sport weight ones)...some of the yarn might already be wound up...1 or 2 might have already been cast on...there just might be a daily yarn winding party happening at the Miso household this past week...I'm not going to deny or confirm anything just yet.

I'm not even going to talk about the hats, cowls, and shawls that I'm also just dying to knit up...luckily I'm test knitting a hat pattern that has a short deadline and that's helping to curb my desire to cast on all those knits as well. 

For now.

Ask me again in a few days! Please tell me that I'm not the only one who's going crazy with the cast on party??

And of course with the colder weather here and a growing kidlet in the house, my noggin isn't the only one I have to think about. The Munchkin's hat from last year technically still fits him but I'm sure as winter arrives he'll want to be able to fully cover his ears. Not to mention that last year he was all about the colour red, this year he's all about green. Fortunately for me the Mister doesn't need a new hat (and yay that he hasn't lost his yet...knock on wood!) and hats for kiddos are mega quick to knit, so not too much time is being taken away from the selfish knitting.

Speaking of selfish knitting, I guess I should get off the computer (and perusing Ravelry, making my queue even longer!) and get some knitting accomplished! So...what are you casting on?

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  1. I try to only have on project on the go at a time, otherwise I wouldn't finish anything. However, this means that when I'm struggling to finish a project, I feel like I can't pick up another knitting project! I have a blanket which had been languishing in a basket for 2 years (it was just squares until I finally seamed them together in the spring). I taught myself how to do the provisional cast-on and applied I-cord and was going along beautifully until I noticed some puckering and realized I'd used the wrong needle size. So I have to unravel it and I haven't been able to make myself do it! But I MUST finish it, because I've been on a crazy yarn buying frenzy this year, that I can't touch yet....


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