Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Keep Sewing...

Sewing Machine

I've been trying to make the above image my usual sight for the past few weeks. Sadly, it's not working out as I had planned. Unlike last year when the Munchkin had speech therapy, kindergarten prep, and day camps throughout the entire summer that allowed me to work during the typical work hours during the work week, this year the Munchkin is at home. With me. All day, every day. Which makes attempts at sewing pretty much non-existent. Unless you count the few minutes that I'm able to get away to sew a seam here and there - which I don't, since you really can't get into a groove with such sporadic schedule.

It's not like the Munchkin is demanding or that I'm a helicopter parent or anything like that, it's just that it's summer, and well...with summer comes great weather than just insists that you be outside before the wet and dreary rainy weather of fall and winter comes rolling around again. And really, I can't say no to the kiddo about wanting to be outside, about wanting to play at a playground, and about wanting to ride his bike.  I mean, I want to be outside too! Sadly, machine sewing isn't a portable activity.

Crap. I wish it was.

So I've been stressing out to the max trying to find out how to squeeze in the sewing time to make product for both my Etsy shop and for my booth for next month's Fibrations event. You guys, I'm starting to panic. Here I was thinking that sewing up a minimum of 100 bags would be a snap. And it probably would if I was ok with plopping the kiddo in front of the TV all day so that I could sew. But I'm not. I totally didn't take into consideration that I would have the Munchkin at home all summer and therefore would have to do some actual parenting.

I have a feeling that my booth is going to be pretty small this year. Smaller than last year even. I can do this though, right? Just have to keeping chanting to myself "just keep sewing...just keep sewing...just keep sewing...".

If anyone needs me, I'll hopefully be locked up in my sewing closet trying to get some sewing done. With mugs of coffee at my side.


  1. We shall root, root, root for you as you sew. Do the best you can and think about offering pre-orders that you can get done once the Munchkin goes back to school.

  2. You know, I'm in the same boat this summer. We do what we can and that's all we can do. :) Love life, have fun, and get done what you can.

  3. I completely relate! But like Chantel said, we're all rooting for you! I love the pre-orders idea!


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