Tuesday, June 10, 2014

So Close

Atlantis Daybreak Border

My game plan for last weekend just didn't happen. I haven't caught up on anything and I still feel like I've been moving in slo-mo. I made a half-ass effort at trying to finish my current teacher gift knit - which means yes, it's still not completed and the last teacher gift has yet to be cast on. How many weeks are left of the school year? Hmm...

But today, it's the Munchkin's school district's turn to go on strike and so my usual work day has been put on hold. Since the Munchkin will be home I plan on getting my knit on as much as I can today. I've got just the garter stitch border to get through before I can cast off this baby. I'm determined that today is the day I will cast on that last gift. It will happen. 

It will.

For now, that garter stitch border...so many stitches...and it just doesn't seem to get any wider, no matter how much I knit. I just need to tell myself: just keep knitting...just keep knitting...just keep knitting...

But first, the Munchkin is dying to go outside to take a spin on his bike, and I think he's been eyeing his skateboard too. The sun is out and I would feel bad if I kept the kiddo locked up inside all day. Besides, he gets me active too. Last night I took my cruiser out for the first time this year AND I brought out the roller skates for a little stroll (just to find out that they're now too small for me. Dang!). So with that said, I better get outside before the Munchkin starts scaling the walls. 

And of course I'll be toting along my knitting!


  1. There aren't enough hours in the day, that's how I always feel! Love the look of those stripes, though....good luck squeezing more knitting time into your day!


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