Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Concrete and Tulips WIP

This past weekend was a long weekend for us Canadians. The Mister was out of town for a work function so it was just me and the Munchkin holding down the fort. Since it was a long weekend I had made grand plans to knit up a storm while the kiddo went nuts on a playground. Yeah, well...that didn't happen. I'm not even sure why it didn't work out, it just didn't. I think I got in maybe a single round worth of knitting on my Concrete & Tulips socks in total. Pretty sad, if you ask me. I was really hoping to get these socks off the needles and to have the Unikitty socks as close to done as possible since I haven't really touched them in over a week or so? And trust me, there were plenty of visits to playgrounds too.

Oh well. To make up for the lack of knitting over the weekend I woke up a little bit earlier than the Munchkin this morning (which was a little hard considering that my insomnia kept me up until 4:30am), and tried to knit like my yarn was on fire. I thought I was kicking some ass as I had managed to whip up an afterthought heel on one of the socks and was just about to snip off a tail on my working yarn to graft my heel stitches together when I discovered two things. Can you see them in this photo?

Concrete and Tulips - WIP - Oops

That there my Friends, is 12 stitches on the bottom needle and 13 stitches on the top. No big deal, right? I can simply do an extra decrease to make my stitch counts match. Something as small as that won't bug me. I'm not that huge of a perfectionist. Or am I? 

Because just as I was thinking over the extra decrease I realized that the next coloured stripe had just started at the beginning of the needle. Not at the beginning of the round, but a few stitches in on the second needle. Just before I was to graft the stitches together. You know what that means, right? It means I'm going to have a weird little line of colour at the tip of my heel. 

This irks me. Deeply. This will bug me.

Now I know some knitters would just shrug their shoulders and carry on and graft that heel together. Cause really, that tiny little solo line of colour is on the heel. The back of the heel. Who is going to notice it?

Me. That's who.

Sometimes, when you knit socks in a super easy peasy mindless pattern, like a plain vanilla one, you can easily make little mistakes like forgetting to do an increase or decrease and you don't really notice until inches later. Or in my case, at the very end. Sometimes, you have no idea how the yarn or stripes are going to work out. Especially when combined with increases and decreases. Sometimes you can knit a heel to perfection. Sometimes, you get this. A single line of a reddish orange. At the tip of your heel.


I guess take two on this heel will happen later this evening when the Munchkin is in bed and I don't have to race against the clock. 

Just a pint of beer.

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