Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Knit In Progress: Princess Unikitty Socks

Princess Unikitty Sock WIP

Woah Nelly!!  It's only Wednesday and already this week has proven to be an exhausting one already.  The Mister is out of town - again - and so I've been parenting solo for the last few days.  Again.  I'm totally not complaining though.  The Munchkin has been on his absolute best behaviour so far (knock on wood!) and I've actually been able to get a good amount of knitting time in - all thanks to the several doctors appointments, a school "family meeting", and the Munchkin falling asleep pronto every night (YAY!!).  To make it completely all good in the hood I just need to find a way to get more sleep... Hmm...

After realizing that the due date for fundraising items is fast approaching, I've been feverishly knitting away on one of the not-so-secret secret projects, which I'm mega happy to report that I'm only 12 rows and quite the substantial bind off away from completing.  Oh, and I've cast on another pair of socks...which means that the glorious Hudson socks are done.  Yep.  You read that right.  The Hudson socks are done.  D-O-N-E.  Done!!  Hopefully I'll be able to snap some proper photos of them sometime this weekend, weather permitting, that is.  In the meantime, let's talk about these new socks I've got on the needles.  I'm pretty sure you already know what socks I'm talking about, but in case you don't, I give you...

The Princess Unikitty socks!!!

Princess Unikitty Sock WIP 2

I'll give you some forewarning right now: all photos regarding this project - the yarn, the knitting of, the progress, everything will always contain a Unikitty minifigure and maybe (but most likely) Cloud Cuckoo Palace.  Just a forewarning.

But can you blame me?  Unikitty is pure amazeballs.  And just look at how fun Cloud Cuckoo Palace is!  Can that snail be any cuter?!?  And this yarn...these socks...this entire all just goes hand in hand with all things Unikitty.  Cause well, everything is awesome!!  I think I get too overly excited talking and even thinking about this project!!

Unikitty - Closeup 3

Yeah, I have that song stuck in my head pretty much all the time.  It sure doesn't help that my kidlet wants to listen to the song on a daily basis.  On repeat.  Luckily for me I don't mind the song at all.  And despite the amount of times I've listened to the song, I still find The Lonely Island's rap bit hilarious.  I love Andy Samberg!

Anyways, about the socks.  I'm knitting them toe-up, as I usually do when I knit with self-striping yarns, using my go-to plain vanilla sock recipe.  I thought about using the fish lips kiss heel for these, as I've been seriously dying to try this technique out for quite a while now but I couldn't get over the idea that the stripes might not be equal on top of the foot.  I'm weird like that.  I like my stripes to be somewhat even.  None of that fat stripes with one tiny little line of a colour thrown in there.  No thanks.  Unless that's the way it's suppose to stripe.  Then maybe I can deal.  I think I'll give the fish lips kiss heel a try on another pair of socks that aren't self-striping.  For now, I'm going to stick with the afterthought heel (I've used this tutorial when I first started knitting this heel).  

Unikitty - Closeup 2

I'm using one skein per sock and plan on using up every last inch of this yarn.  The length of the leg might be a little awkward and weird, but I don't care if they end up slouching a bit from being too long on my short legs.  I'm not about to let a single inch of this yarn go to waste!

I know I said this about the Hudson socks too, but I'm going to be one sad little kitty when this pair is finished.  It's such a fun colourway, perfect for this time of year too, and who doesn't get a kick out of knitting with self-striping yarn in general?  Luckily I've got my hands full with knitting for the kiddo's fundraiser, so it'll be a while before I can finish these socks.  I honestly don't mind admiring them as they sit in my knitting basket.  But when I do get the chance to knit on them, you can bet I'll be Instagraming the craptarts out of them!

Ahhh...everything really IS awesome!



  1. I love knitted socks, especially in fun colors and self stripping yarn is the best :) can't wait to see them finished

  2. I live this colorway! Even though I'm not a pink person. I'm also insanely jealous that it's discontinued :-(

  3. That yarn is amazing! Loving the colours.

  4. Oooo so awesome! I have to show my boys your socks. They were pretty excited about the yarn!


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