Friday, March 7, 2014

Knit In Progress: Windswept

Yarn bowl

I'm a little late in the game in blogging about this KIP...surprise, surprise.  I had actually cast on this project last fall and if you've been following me on Instagram for a while now then you've most likely have already seen a few action shots of it being knitted on.  If not, let me introduce to you my Windswept Pullover by Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits!  Windswept is just one of ten designs in Emily's collection, Handmade in the UK, which was released last spring.  When I saw teaser photos leading up to the release and then finally the entire collection, I knew I was going to have a hard time deciding on which pattern to knit up first - either Windswept or Lush.

Confession time: I had actually tried casting on Lush first.  I had made several attempts at getting Lush going before realizing (in my extremely exhausted state at the time) that I was constantly screwing on the wrong size needle tip to my cable!!  You know you're tired when... so I gave up, telling myself I'll try casting on this pattern again when I free up the right size Signature needles (again, you know you have too many projects on the needles when...).  All of this happened late last spring.  Then I took a break from knitting due to project bag production.  I didn't get the chance to cast on Windswept until the fall.  After Knit City.  Which was in October.  

But hey, don't take that as me not wanting to cast on the pullover.  Would you believe me if I told you that I didn't have any yarn in my stash to knit the pattern?  Cause I didn't.  Yeah, the pattern calls for a DK weight, and yeah I have a good amount of DK weight in my stash and in sweater quantities too.  But I wanted to use a yarn that was similar in the fibre content of the yarn that was used in the book's sample.  Sadly, my LYS didn't have anything close to what I was looking for but a quick Google search had shown that a yarn shop in Vancouver was carrying the exact same yarn that was used in the pattern.  Oh?

I started scheming.

WIP - Windswept

Having never seen or knit with Shilasdair Yarns before, I had wanted to see the yarn in person before making a decision.  The day after Knit City, as my wee family and I were heading back to the Island we made a pit stop at Three Bags Full and immediately fell in love with both the yarn (it's Shilasdair's Luxury DK, in case anyone was wondering) and this amazing sea green colour.


Mine!!  I nabbed 3 luscious hanks, as well as another 3 in a lovely pink before hightailing it out of the shop to prevent any further damage to my wallet.  You bet that the second I got home I wound up the yarn and finally cast on!!  I had gone hard core at the beginning with the knitting and it was looking extremely promising that I was going to finish the project in a matter of a few weeks.  But then something happened.  Before I knew it the project had been put on hold, set aside, and then eventually it fell to the bottom of the WIP pile.  This wasn't because the pattern sucked, or because I was having some sort of issue that needed more attention than I was willing to give it at the time (you know what I'm talking you would rather cast on something new rather than deal with seaming together a cardigan, or frogging 5 inches of work, or when you've discovered a mis-crossed cable 18 inches back), or because the design wasn't turning out the way I had expected.  No.  None of these were the reason why I had set the project down.  So what happened?

I can pretty much guarantee that I got distracted with something shiny and new, but most likely it was probably the major transfer of colour that was happening every time I picked up my knitting.  Seriously, both of my hands would turn navy blue even after a few rounds.  This was definitely not a project to work on while nibbling on a snack.  I guess I really shouldn't be all that surprised since this yarn is naturally dyed with indigo and in my experience most blues that I've knit with have been so saturated with colour that colour transfer has always happened.  But not like this!  With most overly saturated colours I would get the transfer lines on my fingers where the yarn is most likely to rub the most, but with this yarn, not only was I getting the lines from where I tension the yarn, but also all over my finger tips, my palms, and sometimes depending on how long I've been knitting, my wrists!  Luckily this pattern is gorgeous and the yarn is made with some pretty darn luxurious fibres, or else I wouldn't be so eager to pick this project back up again!

So how luxurious, you ask?  As in cashmere, baby camel, angora, and merino...oh my!!  Luxurious, indeed!!  I can't wait to block this baby and see the lace open up and for the yarn to get even more softer than it already is.'s going to feel so yummy!  I have a feeling I'm going to have to fight off grope-y hands whenever I wear this bad boy out.  But then again, I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to touch this lusciousness!  Winky face!

WIP - Windswept 2

Aside from needing the needles back, I'm so glad I picked this project back up again.  Even though it took me forever to figure out where I was in the pattern (note to self: keep better notes and if you can't decipher your notes, you need to develop a better system then!), I've forgotten just how beautiful this design is.  The collar was knit up using a very interesting and ingenious technique that I've never done before, and I had to remind myself several times to just trust the designer.  In the end when the pullover started to take shape, I felt so smart for pulling it off and had to applaud Emily for her cleverness.  The pattern has enough stockinette in the round to make it easy and somewhat mindless enough to knit on while chatting with others, and yet enough lace/chart work to keep you interested and on your toes.

Last night I decided to try on what I had so far since this is knit top-down and boy, to say I'm SO incredibly excited is an understatement!!  I'm actually quite surprised as to how fast this pullover is knitting up and so I'm hoping to get this finished before the weekend is over.  Hmm...maybe I should quickly do my chores so that I can spend the rest of the day knitting?  

Done!  That's the game plan for today!

Adios Friends!  Have a fabulous weekend and I hope you all get some knitting time in too!

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