Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Going To Happen

Oh yes.  You bet this is going to happen!!

Unikitty socks!! 

And I screamed that with such glee and girly enthusiasm that I'm pretty sure my neighbours think I've definitely gone bonkers.  All I know is that the Universe was listening.  Or at least had read my February Obsessions post and decided to take mercury on me and guided me to where I needed to go in order to find Unikitty-like self-striping yarn.  Because shortly after I made that Obsessions post I had a dream, a dream in which I was knitting in a hammock and eating pickles and olives (hey, I did say this was a dream - cut me some slack), when all of a sudden the yarn I was knitting with turned into this pastel-y hue of self-striping yumminess.  The ball band magically appeared (as things usually do in dreams, no?) and all it contained was the Knit Picks logo.  Nothing else.

I didn't think much of the dream, other than the fact that I must be knitting a lot or why else would I be dreaming about my hands knitting?  A few days later, with the dream still fresh in my mind and unable to leave me alone, I checked out the Knit Picks website (more so out of curiosity).  I quickly spied the Felici fingering yarn and lo and behold.  What do I see?  Jellybean.  Jelly.freakin'.bean.  Visions of Princess Unikitty of Cloud Cuckoo Land started floating in front of my eyes.


This is it.

Whatever they had left in stock was going to be mine.  All mine.  Ok...not really.  I thought I had ordered 6 skeins but less than 24 hours later I was notified that there was an error and only 4 skeins were available.  That's ok.  I can deal with that.  A few skeins were still coming my way.  That's all that matters.  And besides, do I really need 6 skeins of this colourway?  What was I going to do with 6 skeins??  Just like what would one do with 12 skeins of a rainbow self-striping colourway?  Not that I have 12 skeins of that in my stash...

Ok, so maybe I do.  But that's not the focal point here.  This magnificent Jellybean colourway that should be renamed Unikitty is the focus here.  Just breathe Melissa, just breathe.  Your dream of knitting Unikitty socks is about to become a reality.  Just breathe.  But oh my glob.


Oh yeah, they are definitely going to be the socks that will grace my knitting needles next.  You can count on it.  It's going to be glorious.  It's going to be epic.  It's going to change lives.  Ok, we won't go that far.  But you can see just how much these socks mean to me.

Ahhh...excuse me.  I'm going to sit here for a bit and bask in the awesomeness that is this future project.  Then I better bust a move and get knitting so that I could get the equally amazing Hudson socks off my needles.  But before I go, I just want to put it out there that if anyone has a skein or two (or three, or four...) of Jellybean in their stash that they are willing to part with, I'm totally prepared to take it off your hands and can either buy it off you or even trade you with any of the skeins of Felici I have in my stash.  Just putting it out there.

Alright.  I've got some sock knitting to do.



  1. That is AWESOME! Or maybe I should say everything is awesome?! What a perfect match! I love Unikitty. I keep telling my boys that if they ever get a minifig Unikitty I'm going to steal it. Or AngryKitty (if they make those). Can't wait to see your socks - something tells me they won't take you long. :) Thanks for a fun start to my day!

    1. Hahaha Nina, everything IS awesome!! ;) They totally make an AngryKitty (which I would love too! And Astro Kitty) but of course they only come with the super expensive Lego sets!

    2. What? What is this AstroKitty of which you speak? Wait, there is a QueasyKitty and a BiznisKitty too! Haha queasykitty is all greens (wow I don't remember that at all). Oh boy. Guess I'll have to put those sets on the *cough* boys' wishlist. Heheheh...


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