Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Knit In Progress: Jeck

WIP - Jeck - Yarn

After posting that sock parade post last week I felt the need to show you what sock is currently gracing my teeny tiny needles, especially since it's my mission this year to ALWAYS have a sock actively on the go.  Surprisingly enough this task has been mega easy so far (let's not get into the fact that we're only into the second month of year).  I honestly think that the work I did earlier this year of digging up yarns from the stash, going through the queue, making lists, then pairing those yarns to the sock patterns that I would like to knit up this year, and then bagging them up all like little kits has really helped in keeping the sock knitting momentum going.  There really is no forcing me in having to cast on sock after sock.  If anything, I'm super excited and look forward to casting on a new pair of socks the second I either finish grafting the toe or bind off the second sock of the last pair.  I reckon that this sock knitting steam train isn't going to stop any time soon.  Woooh woooh!!  And yes, I'm totally pumping my right arm all conductor-like as I say that.

Ok, so what's the newest sock that I'm currently knitting away on?  Behold!  I give you Jeck by Regina Satta.  I'll admit it right here, right now that this pattern has not been in my queue since forever.  It wasn't even on my radar until early last month when I spotted another knitter's sock WIP on Instagram.  I had immediately fallen in love with how well variegated yarns looked in this stitch pattern and how it was a few baby steps above a plain vanilla sock.  I had immediately added the pattern to my queue and honestly had no intentions of knitting the pattern up right away, but it quickly jumped up in the list to become one of the top twelve patterns after I realized some of my sock picks weren't going to work well with the variegated yarns that I had already picked out.  Besides, there was room on the list as I had planned on knitting up a few pairs of plain vanilla socks using self-striping yarns and those don't take that long to knit up.

WIP - Jeck

I let Jeck budge to the front of the queue because I'm still participating in the SGY Stash Dive KAL (it runs until April 1) and so I needed a pattern that would mesh well with a variegated colourway - more specifically, a SweetGeorgia Yarns variegated colourway.  Do you see where I'm going now with this?  These socks will also qualify for the Socks With Sarah KAL too.  Even though I've had 4 pairs of socks come off the needles since the start of the year, this will be the second pair for the SWS KAL.  

Alright.  Let's get back to these socks, shall we?  

WIP - Jeck Closeup

This pattern has been a great knit so far.  Simple and easy but with enough stitch variation to keep you on your toes.  I like how the columns of slipped stitches break up the stockinette and because of the lines they create they kind of elongate the leg a little.  And trust me, my legs need all the help in that department!  I've only made a few modifications to the pattern - like knitting a rib stitch heel flap (for durability) and foregoing knitting through the back loop on the edge of the flap.  That last bit wasn't intentional though.  I'll admit that I didn't read the pattern thoroughly and had totally missed that part.  Oops!  Oh well, it doesn't change the look of the overall sock and I think the point of that was to make picking up the heel flap stitches easier, but I slip my edge stitches anyways.  But don't quote me on that.  Cause even though I caught all of that after I had knit my heel flap, I still didn't read the pattern thoroughly.  I know.  I'm bad.  But hey, I take full responsibility and if my socks come out gnarly I have no one to blame but myself.

Ok, moving on.  I was going to use the standard toe but decided to try knitting the toe the way it was written in the pattern.  Um...yeah.  I started doing that and then ended up tinking back the toe (twice!) as I didn't like how the toe stitches weren't lining up with the slipped stitches.  I checked out several projects on Ravelry to see if maybe the way I was knitting the toe was wrong due to my lack of reading skills (yep, even after the toe I STILL didn't bother to read over the pattern more thoroughly.  This is going to bite me in the arse...and most likely soon).  But no.  The majority of knitters went with the standard toe while others had theirs look exactly like the one I was producing.  So...what's a knitter to do?  Take matters into your own hands, that's what!  Using the pattern as a guide I shuffled around the stitches a little and then fudged it for a bit for the last few rounds.  I'm not sure if I like the look of how the edge of the toe looks, but it will have to do for now.  Overall I'm pleased with how the toe turned out.

WIP - Jeck Closeup 2

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably have already seen where this sock project has been (if not, check out my feed on the Instagram website).  I'm sure people are already pretty sick and tired of seeing this sock by now!  I took this sock with me to Vancouver a few weeks ago when the Mister and I took the Munchkin to see his first monster truck "Monster Jam" show.  I was only able to knit a few rounds before I got overly excited (the freestyle part of the show is my favourite) and had to put my sock away (I didn't care, but I got a lot of weird looks.  I mean, who knits at a monster truck show?  Apparently I do.).  This sock has also been my companion on many a trip to Starbucks so that I could fully indulge in the limited time Blossoming Peach Tea Latte (let's just say that drinking 5 grandes in less than 24 hours is quite a record for me, and I used to work at Starbucks!).  

I love hearing stories and seeing photos of where knitters have taken their knitting, of where they've knit in public, and most of all what they've done in the name of knitting.  Do you have any interesting knitting or knitting-in-public stories?  Let's hear them!

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