Friday, February 28, 2014

February Obsessions


I know February is the shortest month of the year, but wow...did time ever fly by incredibly fast this month or what?!  I honestly can't believe that it's March already, can you?  It's not for another 4 months but I'm already starting to stress out about what I'm going to do with the kiddo during the summer months.  Actually, never mind summer, what am I going to do with him when he's home for 2 weeks for spring break?  Eek!!

February was such a blur that I really can't pinpoint a lot of stand-out moments, other than the sheer sweet and utterly cute things that the Munchkin has done.  As I sit here trying to remember what I did all throughout February, the only things that stick out is knitting and sewing.  Well, ok.  That's not at all surprising nor are they bad things.  But really, what else did I do this month?  Hmm...socks, shawls, hexipuffs, and project bags.  Either I'm on the right track or I need a hobby.  And don't say knitting is a hobby.  No.  For me, knitting is a way of life!

So, with all that said, here are a few things that I've been obsessing about all month long:

1. Creating Self-Striping Colourways

All yarn images via Yarntini

Last month I was obsessed with Yarntini's Create-Your-Own Self-Striping Club.  This month, I've been obsessed with coming up with self-striping colourways.  I had downloaded all of Yarntini's colourways from her website's gallery, and then used an online collage creator to put the colours together.  I had a mega hard time trying to make a final decision on what color combo to go with for the February skein.  All I know is that in the 3 skeins I'll be eventually receiving, I must have Deep Gin (that gorgeous teal on the far left on the top and bottom rows pictured above), Key Lime, and Lemon Drop featured in at least one of the skeins.  Not necessarily together, but now that I'm really looking at the above photos, I see that I've put them together a few times.  Hmmm...interesting.

Although I've been mainly focusing on putting together self-striping colourways, I've also been mixing up colours for future projects that involve striping in some way (like in Veera Välimäki's Laneway or Jane Purchase's Sutton Shawl).  The majority of things that I've knit, garment wise, has been knit using semi-solid colours.  Since it appears that I'm on some sort of a mission to use up my solo skeins I've been looking into trying my hand at one form or another of colourwork.  It's been a lot of fun putting colours together, but the question is: will I wear it??  I guess I won't know until I knit it.

For those of you who are curious about colour, I've used Adobe Kuler (thanks Chantel for introducing me to that website!!), Color Scheme Designer (same idea as the Kuler, but with more options), and for colour inspiration - ColourLovers.

2. BlueSand Cardigan

Image via La Maison Rililie

Even though I've been on a sock knitting binge I've been rooting around and looking at cardigan and pullover patterns (let's not talk about the ones that are currently on my needles!).  It's been a while since I've churned out a cardigan and I think I'm way long over due for this type of FO to come off my needles.  My queue is already pretty darn long and I've got a plethora of patterns roaring to go on my tablet, so I have no idea why I've been looking for new patterns.  But I have.  I'm a fickle knitter, what can I say?

So like most knitters as of late, I've been obsessing and wanting to whip up a BlueSand Cardigan by La Maison Rililie.  I mean, look at it.  How could you not want to knit up this cozy, wardrobe staple of a cardigan??  And don't even get me started on the colour combo possibilities!!  This pattern has so many qualities that I love: seamless, raglan shaping, asymmetrical-ness, and modernly stylish yet classic aesthetics.  I always thought I was a product-knitter but as it turns out I'm quite the process-knitter, and so the variety of techniques used in this pattern excites me to no end.  Set in pockets?  Let's do it!!  A contiguous shoulder construction?  Oh man, sign me up!!  Yes...I want this cardigan.  On my needles.  NOW.

Mark my words: I WILL cast on this pattern before March is over.

3. The Lego Movie

Aloha Losers!!

I really don't know who's more excited about The Lego Movie and the characters featured in it - me, the Munchkin, or the Mister.  The 3 of us have been impatiently waiting for both the movie and the toys to come out.  I've been trolling all the shops in town trying to find the Cloud Cuckoo Palace set, but have been unsuccessful in procuring one to call my own.  I want Unikitty SO badly!  Grrr!!  I guess I'll just have to buckle down and order it online somewhere.  The Munchkin's favourite character is Emmett, which the Mister has managed to score in a mystery minifigure package, so he's all happy.  The Mister's favourite is Benny, the 1980-Something Space Guy.  Not a day goes by where I don't hear the Everything is Awesome song.  But you know what?  I really don't mind.

I love the fact that this movie is great fun and is entertaining for all ages.  I like it when movie makers understand that not only will kids be watching their movie, but also the parents.  So when writers and directors include subtle jokes and references for the sake of the parents, I get a little happy. 

Aside from being obsessed with Unikitty/Bizniz Kitty, I'm also obsessed with the idea of using the colours within the movie as colourway inspirations.  If I was a yarn dyer, I would SO produce a Lego Movie inspired collection!!  Pants down, I'd totally buy a skein called "Unikitty" without blinking an eye.  I'm totally not a fan of pastels, but I would definitely rock the Unikitty.  I've even dug around the stash to see if I could produce anything close to what I had in mind.  So far, the only colourway I could come up with was "Wyldstyle" (which you can check out on my Instagram feed).  I can't wait to turn this colourway into socks!!

4. Hats and My Hair

Here and There Hat - Collage

This winter has made me a hat person.  I think I've mentioned it a zillion times on this blog just how I'm SO not a hat person - even though I wish I was.  I think hats look funny on me and they usually don't fit right.  My noggin is huge and I always feel completely out of proportion and so wearing a hat makes me feel like I'm bringing that fact out on display.  But this winter has changed all that.  I'm not sure if it's because it was actually colder this winter than it has been previously, or if I'm getting older or what but this winter has been bitterly cold.  So cold that I've been sporting a hat on a daily basis and rarely taking the hat off, even indoors.  And when I do, I spend my time shivering away until I put the hat back on.  Then there's my hair.  Ugh.  All my hats are doing double duty here.  My hair has gotten so long that whenever I venture outside without a hat I'm constantly picking hairs out of my eyes, my mouth, and my nose.  If it's remotely windy then I'm trying to tame the hurricane-like stance my hair will take around my head.  Wearing a hat has ensured that my hair won't end up blinding me.  The photos above were taken years ago but my hair is that length again, if not an inch or two longer now.  I'm dying to get my hair cut but can never coordinate a time that works for both myself and my hair dresser.  Le sigh.

Anyhoo, with all this hat wearing that I've been doing I've also been checking out various hat patterns (yes, on top of the cardigan patterns, the sock patterns, and the shawl patterns...hey, don't say you don't peruse the Ravelry 'hot right now' list!).  Hats are usually a quick knit and so I was thinking of producing a few before Spring and the warmer weather arrives, and hopefully using yarns strictly from the stash.  Only problem is: I don't have much in terms of single skeins of DK weight and even less in worsted.  I'm definitely not a beret or tam wearer, so the idea of a fingering weight hat is out of the question and I don't have much experience in doubling up yarns for hats.  Do any of you?  How do double stranded hats wear?  Do they stretch out a lot?  Are they too thick of a fabric?  And while we're at it with the questions, what are some of your favourite hat patterns?  

Well, that's it for February.  I can tell already that March is definitely going to be more fun and action-packed.  I just hope that I have enough time to knit all the things that I want to knit and more.  How was your February?  Got any plans for March?

See you in the month of green!


  1. So glad to have introduced you to Kuler so you can be as obsessed with colour as I am!

    I have to wear hats in the summer because my hair is thin and my scalp burns easily. Plus, I'm Canadian and like wearing toques in the winter. But bangs do not go along with caps and toques, so I'm 1.5 years into growing out my bangs, even though I usually pin them back on weekdays since they get in my way.

    I recently made myself a Greyhaven hat and I love it. And an Aesderina I wear all the time. I'm loving Sandbank right now and just waiting for some Plucky to arrive so I can make one. I'm collecting skeins to make a Varia, a Wolfie and an Alkira. So, I think I might like hats too... just a little ;)

    1. Ooohhh...thanks Chantel for all the hat ideas!! Now it's just a matter of finding yarn in the stash to make hats with - that doesn't involve breaking up a sweater quantity! Although a part of me wants to hold off a little on casting on until I get my hair cut. Who knows how short hair will look with hats on! :/

  2. Favourite hat pattern? Regina - free, and adapts to any size/gauge. Also, Chapters has select Lego on 20% off right now, including your Cloud Cuckoo Palace!

    1. THANK YOU for the tip about the Lego sale!! :D Sadly I had added the Cloud Cuckoo Palace to my cart, paid for it, and then the next day got an email to say that they no longer had any more in stock!! Boooooo!! :( But I'm going to keep checking...I'm determined to make that set mine! ;)

  3. Funny you say that about hats Melissa, I've seen you in hats almost every time I've seen you since the fall!


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