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November Obsessions

November Obsessions

You know, there's late...then there's fashionably late...and then there's this post.  I'm really pushing it here considering that we're halfway through December already.  I just hope that this late Obsessions posting doesn't become a habit!  Note to self: start typing up this month's Obsessions post now!!

Anyhoo, without further ado, here are a few things that I was obsessing about in November:

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Image via Ms.Magazine

Before the movie came out I decided that I needed to re-read the book to refresh my memory.  After all, it's been over a year since The Hunger Games was in theatres.  But a quarter of the way through the book I for some reason decided to switch over to the audio book version so that I could speed up my knitting (and so that I could do dishes!).  Now, most people at this point would just pick up where they left off in the book, but not me.  I decided to just start over.  Why?  Because I'm nuts.

The movie itself was, in my opinion, fantastic.  I really enjoyed it.  I think it was MUCH better than the first movie in the sense that if you have never read the trilogy (like the Mister) but watched the movie, you won't get lost.  Whereas with the first movie, you kind of need to read the book in order to get the back story on a lot of scenes and to fully understand the storyline more.  I thought Catching Fire was action packed, the cameras more steady and not so vomit-inducing, and was it just me or was Peeta quite...yummy in this second movie?  Yeah, you notice Peeta in The Hunger Games because, well, it's Peeta.  But he wasn't anything spectacular.  But in Catching Fire, you really notice him.  Hmm.  Maybe it's just me?

2. The Handknits of Catching Fire

Image via

Book, movie, and storyline aside, did you see the all the fabulous knitwear featured in Catching Fire??  Oh my!!  Absolutely fantastic!  Yes, there's the famous and widely coveted cowl that Katniss wears in all the movie adverts and promos, but how about the show stopping sweater that Katniss wore on one of the stops on the Victory tour (pictured above)?  So, SO amazing!!  I love how the directional knitting makes the shape of the sweater so flattering, and I've always had a love for asymmetrical garments and hemlines.  For those interested, this sweater is from the Fall/Winter 2013 Lemoine Tricot collection.

Other handknits in the movie:

Top :: via Knitting Chica
Bottom :: and Entertainment Weekly

Did you see that?  Katniss even sleeps in gorgeous knitwear!!  I really wish they had shown more of that piece and no where online can you see more of what this knitted masterpiece looks like.  Then there's Finnick Odair's Fisherman sweater (how fitting!) with a Capitol twist.  And even though they're not show stoppers, I thought I would also include the knits that both Prim and Katniss' mom wears - tweedy and rustic!!  Very District 12, I guess.

Image via Emma Welford

I originally thought the cowl above was knit in a mix of garter, basket weave, and cables but after much perusing of the Internets I discovered that this piece may have possibly been woven and not knit.  Still, it's gorgeous and very Noro-like.  And would you just look at that asymmetrical leather and cotton twill jacket??  Omg!  LOVE.IT!!  If I had an extra $600 in the bank, I would hightail it to Nicholas K website and snatch it up!!  SO gorgeous!!

3. No Glove(s) No Love

Image via Holla Knits

Not at all Catching Fire related, how about these lovely vintage driving glove inspired driving gloves by Claire Sandow for Holla Knits??  I've always had a weakness for driving gloves and I remember in fashion school I used to spent a fair amount of time scouring shops and the Internet for unique, girly driving gloves that would actually fit my petite hands (and not leave inches of fabric at the end of my fingertips!).  I once found a seriously stunning pair of hot pink Italian leather driving gloves with the heart cut-out, and for weeks I hemmed and hawed and tried to balance the chequebook to see if I could possibly afford purchasing them on my starving student budget.  I couldn't.  And sadly I had to just let them go.  

The second I saw this pattern I felt like I've been given a second chance.  Yes, they won't be made of leather BUT they'll fit.  And I can make them in every single colour of the rainbow!  I seriously have not been able to stop thinking about these gloves since the pattern has been released.  Admittedly though, I'm a little scared to knit up a pair.  I've never knit gloves before and the fingers just seem so fiddly.  Maybe I should make it one of my knitterly goals for 2014, since the new year will be the year that I get out of my knitty comfort zones and tackle much more advance fair isle and steeking.  After all, how else am I going to get a pair of these in hot pink?

Do you love them too?  Get the pattern here.

4. Weck Jars

Image via Panier Picnic

I have an infinite love for glass containers.  I really do.  You all must know by now just how much I love mason jars.  Well, did you know there's another glass container that I love more than mason jars?  Yep.  I love Weck jars even more.  Always have.  I never talk about them simply because I could never get my hands on them.  For some reason, they are really hard to find in Canada and I really couldn't justify the exorbitant shipping price tag that came with them if I bought them online.  Well no more!  A few months ago I discovered a brand local new shop that carries my beloved Weck containers and you can bet your cashmere that the second I found out where the shop was located that I went down and bought a bunch of jars and carafes!  Now I've got homemade kombucha permanently living in one of the carafes, homemade hummus and holidays treats in a couple of the jars.  I wonder if I thoroughly purged my kitchen (I have a lot of...stuff) if the Mister will allow me to replace all of our not-for-kiddo-use containers with Weck ones?  Hmm...must add that to my Spring to-do list.  But if anyone asks what I want for Christmas, point them to these containers!

Ok, so that was last month.  In a few weeks you'll see what I was obsessed about this month.  I can't make any promises or guarantees, but I'll definitely try to get December's list posted in a more timely fashion!  

So what was on your mind during the month of November?  Who else saw Catching Fire and drooled over the amazing knits?  ♥

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