Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crochet, Why Can't We Be Friends?

Katniss Cowl WIP

Remember how I said I wanted to get my Katniss Cowl finished before the weekend was over?  Yeah well...that didn't happen.  The weekend was officially over 3 days ago and I'm still at the same spot in the pattern as I was Sunday night.  I completely blame it on my need for perfection and my crap crochet abilities.  You see, I've knit up the 2 main pieces of the cowl (the front and back) in the lovely herringbone stitch that you see in the photo of the last post I made.  That was the easy part.  Next up was the actual cowl.  Which involved these items:

Katniss Cowl - Supplies

I swear, these really are for the cowl!  

This is the part where you have to crochet around duct tape covered rope before attaching the second round of covered rope to create the cowl.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Ugh.  Not for the crochet impaired!  But I'm determined to get through this.  Although, forewarning...this project might take me longer than anticipated!  Luckily I don't have major holiday knitting to do so I'm able to concentrate a little more on selfish knitting.  That is, when I get other knitting obligations out of the way.  I think I have at least 6 or 7 so-called "small" projects on the needles and about 2 sweaters at the halfway mark.  We won't even talk about the ideas that have been swimming around this ol' noggin of mine that are just dying to be transformed into knitted items either!  But hey, amongst all these WIPs I want to point out that I have finished something: a new hat for the Munchkin!  

My kiddo actually requested that I make him a red hat.  Of course I couldn't turn that request down!  After showing him photo after photo of all the different hat patterns out there he disappeared momentarily and came back with his old hat that I had knit for him last year, the Windschief, which he grew out of pretty quick.  Turns out that the Munchkin didn't want any other hat.  He wanted his hat.  But in red.  And that fits.  Ok I told him, I can do that.  And so I did.  Sadly the little monkey won't stay still long enough for me to take a quick pic of him wearing the finished hat.  So yesterday on the way home from school we stopped to watch some major activity at a construction site and I was able to take a stealth photo:

Red Windschief

Totally a sneaky Mommy move!  But hey, I needed proof that I actually did knit and finish a project!  Please don't tell me that some of you crafty mamas out there haven't done something like this to get a photo of an FO!

Anyhoo, the afternoon is still relatively young and I've got swatches that need to be knit up before I have to pick the Munchkin up from school!  But before I go, tell me, who else has seen Catching Fire and caught sight of all the amazing knits that were being worn??


  1. I'm totally cheering your Katniss cowl on from the sidelines. I'm going to see Catching Fire on Saturday and I can't wait to see your finished product... Whenever it might be done :)

    1. Haha Chantel! Thanks for the support! This crochet is seriously killing me here! :p I hope you enjoy the movie! Let me know what you think of it!!

  2. I saw Catching Fire last week and could not get over all the beautiful knits! I love when movies are set during the winter; so many knits to look at!


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