Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It's been oh so quiet here on the blog.  Although, I did forewarn you all in this post that it would be.  I've been sweatshopping away in my sewing closet trying to whip up as many bags made as I can each day while I'm kidlet-free.  And really, I literally am in a closet!  Our townhouse rental has been blessed with fairly large closets - and a lot of them - and so I've managed to turn one of them into my so-called "sewing room".  Sadly, it's not large enough for me to actually sit in there with the door closed while I sew.  Instead, my chair is sticking half in/half out of the closet, with everything within reaching distance.  So not spacious and not at all luxurious, and when I really get sewing it starts to heat up to the point where I'm sewing away in my under garments!

In case you haven't been following this blog for long or you've missed a few posts, you're probably wondering why am I in such a tizzy to get so many bags sewn up?  Well, I'm going to be a vendor at this year's Fibrations in August!

I'm a vendor virgin and so I've got a ton of work ahead of me.  Aside from having to sew up some stock, I've got hang tags to make, a banner to design, shopper bags to worry about (I almost forgot to think about how customers are going to bring their new project bags home!), proper business cards to order, and a booth layout to think about!!  And that's just the big stuff, there's so many little things I've got on my to-do list that I have to check off too!  

I'm trying not to stress out because I know I have pretty high standards and expectations of myself (um...yeah, I have yet to meet the daily/weekly quotas that I've put on myself!), but it's kind of hard not to.  Since I'm a newbie there's a lot of things that I have to think about, purchase, and sort out before it can get easy.  I know a lot of people have told me to chill out but I think they either forget what it was like to do that first market, what it's like to go from online market to in person market, and/or don't see it from a sole proprietor's side.  I've done markets and events for other companies in which I've showed up, sold stuff, did my job, and then went home.  I've never had to think about table/booth layouts, where the money is going to come from to buy the stuff for the table/booth, worry about whether there will be enough product, have to deal with receipts, or anything like that.  Working for someone else is easy street compared to working for yourself.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant!  As you can see, there's more to this market stuff than just sewing the bags.  That, and yeah...I'm a little OCD when it comes to details.  And this is why it's been so quiet around here.  I've been spending my nights cutting out fabric, tweaking the Miso Crafty Knits logo for my banner, business cards, and other branding stuff, and oh, attempting to get through that freakin' email inbox of mine.  If you've emailed me recently and haven't gotten an email back, don't worry, you'll get a response soon.  I promise!

I'm also hoping to do a little Etsy shop update soon too, since it's been quite a while since I did a shop update.  Oops!  My bad!  I'm hoping that some of the bags that I've got made up will be cute enough to make it up to you guys!  But until then, I've gots some sewing to do!!

♥ Happy Crafting! ♥


  1. do you make your own labels?

  2. I also want to know more about your labels?! Being a vendor is lots of work but so much fun. Be sure to enjoy yourself too!

  3. I totally feel your pain. Showing up on the day of the show, smiling, chatting and selling is the easy part, it's all the prep and organizing leading up to it that is the hard work! You'll make it though, just keep on pluggin' away! Your bags are looking great. I particularly love that sheepy print with the blue zipper in the bottom photo! so cute!

  4. That is so exciting - and those bags are super-cute!

  5. I am so excited to see your booth at Fibrations! It's going to be so pretty, piled with project bags!


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