Friday, May 31, 2013

May Obsessions

I can't believe it's already that time of the month in which I blog about the things I've been obsessed with all month long!  I mean, really?  It's almost June already??  W.O.W.  That's all I can say.  I don't want to say that May flew by in a blur but dates certainly snuck up on me (like the Mister's birthday and our anniversary!) and the whole month was definitely action packed.  And you know what?  With summer just around the corner, it's only going to get even busier around here.  I kid you not.  But don't worry, I do plan on taking it easy every once in a while.  I just know that I work better when I'm busy and when I've got an inflexible deadline to work towards.  Not to mention that I've learned from the past, or at least I hope I have (thanks fashion school!), that it's probably wise for me to work my butt off now rather than a few weeks leading up to a deadline.  Also, one of my favourite quotes that I believe is totally true: "luck favours the prepared, Darling" (can anyone guess who says that?). 

Anyhoo, before I start babbling away about quotes, mottos, and how I can probably recite verbatim practically every Disney Pixar movie out there, here are 5 things that I've been seriously obsessed about all May long:

1. Crescent Shaped Shawls

Clockwise from top right: Everdeen by Jessica Myers, Annis by Susanna IC,
Ginko Crescent by Jade Keaney, Daybreak by Stephen West, Autumn Bloom by Melissa Thomson,
Happy Street by Veera Välimäki,

I'm not quite sure what started this obsession, some might think it was Happy Street but I was eyeing Daybreak, Autumn Bloom, and Mezquita long before Happy Street came along.  There's something about crescent shaped shawls that make wearing them so easy.  I prefer to wear my shawls more like scarves, mainly because I can't pull off the shawl-elegantly-draped-over-the-shoulders look without walking around stiff as a board and constantly fiddling around to keep it on.  And shawl pins?  As much as I love them, I'm constantly poking myself with them!  I'm probably wearing them wrong.  But is there really a wrong way to wear a shawl pin?  Who knows.  So that's why I like wearing my shawls as scarves.  No pins required.  And if the shawl is crescent shaped, well, they just naturally want to wrap around you anyways.  It's a win-win situation.  Another reason why they're winners in my book, when paired with a lace-y border, they contain the perfect ratio of stockinette/garter to lace.  Great for when you want something mindless but then your brain wakes up wanting something more interesting, BAM!  You've got the border to snap you out of that boredom.  Crescent shaped shawls for the win!

2. Green

Not that you'd be able to tell from my recent FO posts or by half of the projects that's currently on my desk, but I've been seriously itching to knit up a bunch of green.  I have visions of green pullovers, green cardigans, green socks, and green shawls dancing around in my head.  And if I'm not thinking about knitting in green, I'm thinking about wearing green.  I'm dying to find a green skirt and dress to add to my wardrobe.  But just so you know, my obsession with green has nothing to do with the fact that Pantone has claimed emerald green to be the colour of 2013.  I've always had a soft spot for kelly green and was absolutely devastated when my favourite Banana Republic leather handbag in this colour got destroyed by a bottle of wine (don't ask, it's an embarrassing story).  As much as I love this colour, strangely enough I don't have have much of it in my wardrobe.  Something that I think needs to be remedied.  Stat!

So far, the only green that has made it onto the scene is this delicious Lettuce Leaf green (by Madelinetosh) that I'm using for my Happy Street shawl (hey! It's a two-fer, green in a crescent shaped shawl!).  I also have a few skeins of Wollmeise Twin in Grashüpfer in the stash that I'm yearning to knit with.  Fingers crossed that this is the year that I will finally get the chance to turn it into a cardigan!

3. Smoothies

Hey look!  More green!  Ok, so for the past few months I've been on a major smoothie kick.  Mainly because I've been trying to find ways to get more nutrients into the Munchkin.  For the record, the score: Munchkin 92 - Mom 0.  Yeah, it's quite sad.  But I'm still determined to get him sipping on smoothies by the time the summer is over!  

I haven't really been following any recipes, just throwing together whatever I think will taste good together or whatever I have leftover in the fruit basket...along with a handful of spinach or kale, and if I'm lucky, an avocado.  I've been doing a little research on powder proteins that I can add to my own smoothies that aren't soy or dairy based.  For now, the generic recipe that I've been following and that has been serving me well: unsweetened almond milk (sometimes plain Greek yogurt, depending on the time of day) as a base, bananas or berries (or both) for the low-glycemic fruit count, chia seeds (when I remember them) or Benefibre, coconut oil, kale or spinach, and sometimes whatever other fruit I have in the fridge/freezer.  I have yet to make a smoothie that I didn't like the taste of.  Knock on wood.  Just wish my offspring would take a sip!

4. Shape Moths Forest QAL's Feathers Quilt Block

Feathers {Forest QAL} (2)
Image by Shape Moth

I am by no means a quilter.  I keep meaning to make quilts and would love to some day own a closet full of handmade quilts.  But that would mean I would actually have to find the time to sew them up.  And as of late, I don't have that time.  So sad.  

That was before I've been seeing all over Instagram, Flickr, and the blogging world this beautiful feathers quilt block.  Thanks to Amanda over at Hey Porkchop, I discovered that this quilt block is a part of the Forest QAL over at the beautiful quilting blog, Shape Moth, and this Feathers quilt block was designed and created by Shape Moth blogger and quilter extraordinaire, Joanna Wilczynska.  Isn't it gorgeous?  You should see the other versions of this block and the other Forest blocks over at the Shape Moth Flickr group.  Seriously stunning work!  Speaking of stunning work, check out Joanna's other tutorials and free patterns here.

I would totally LOVE to make a quilt made up of nothing but these Feathers blocks.  And because this is me here, I think it would look atomically fantastic in a hot pink, black, and shades of grey colour combo on a off-white background.  Oh yeah...I'm daydreaming about it already...

A huge thank you to Joanna for giving me permission to use her Feathers quilt block photo for this blog post!  ♥

5. Red Lips

I've been rocking the cat-eye look since I was in high school and working my first job (that wasn't in a restaurant owned by a family member) at The Body Shop.  Aside from the Revlon Toast of New York lipstick stint (remember when that shade was all the rage??), I've always been a lip gloss wearing fiend.  Well, recently I've been mega keen on red lips and have been rocking out the red lipstick.  I finally found a shade of red that suits me and compliments my skin colour.  I still get a little self-conscious about wearing such a bold colour and am constantly checking to make sure I'm not wearing it all over my teeth instead of my lips.  Other than that though, I've been having a lot of fun wearing such a statement look...even if I am only wearing a tee shirt and jeans!

Well, that's my May in a nutshell for you.  I have a feeling that June will most likely be a little on the boring side, as I'll be concentrating hard core on bag production for Fibrations.  But you never know, after all, my birthday is in June, summer officially starts, and warm weather and sunshine will have to be enjoyed!  See you in June!!  ♥

Oh, and in case you're still wondering who said that quote, it was Edna Mode from The Incredibles!


  1. i love your obsessions posts!! of course because of this post, my queue has now reached 200 hahaha! hurrah for shawls though! i now need some serious storage solutions for all of my finished accessories! :) i can't believe we're into june already! and as i type this it feels like the warm weather is finally arriving! hurrah! time to pack up the kiddo , my knitting and head to the park. xoxo

    1. Hahaha...I actually need to go through my queue again and see if I can weed it out. I think I've got 11 pages of pattern queued up? I can't wait to knit in the sun! :)

  2. I totally remember Toast of New York! That was my ONLY high school lipstick!

    1. Hahaha, YAY Fiona! So glad I'm not the only one that remembers it! :) That colour was my only lipstick in high school too!

  3. Love these posts! You could always try freezing the smoothies in a popsicle tray. I'm sure the munchkin will gobble them up when its warm out :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! :) Ooohhh, good idea! I'm definitely going to try that! Now to find some cool popsicle trays!

  4. That green yarn is amazing! Intense, springy, and soft all at the same time! And I am super jealous of your bright red lips, great shade!

    1. Haha, thanks Ashley! :) I also like your description of the yarn, it's perfect!


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