Saturday, March 9, 2013

Randomly on a Saturday

Left over yarn balls
I normally don't post on a Saturday so this is quite the random post indeed.  I had a few people email me questions that I thought I would answer here on the blog.  None of the questions necessitated a post of their own and there were a few thoughts floating around this ol' noggin of mine that I wanted to mention before I forgot.  So I give you this year's first point form random post.

- I got a few emails asking me where do I find the time to do my nails, since they never look "marked".  I'm not quite sure what that means, but to answer the question: I do my nails at night.  I usually don't get around to answering emails until after the Munchkin has gone to bed (when I can think clearly and won't sound like a blubbering idiot), and so when I'm answering emails and doing other computer work like editing photos and writing blog posts, I do my nails.  My secret to perfect looking nails: top coat.  I currently use Seche Vite but am always on the lookout for something better.  I really love Seche Vite because it fully dries within 5 minutes.  Seriously.  It's completely dry and set that I can even knit afterwards.  Unlike a lot of people who have used this top coat, my manicure can last anywhere from a week and upward without chipping.  Seche Vite is known to cause "shrinkage" in the polish which doesn't bother me as much as chipping does, but still, I sometimes my nails a little worse for wear when I take my polish off.  These reasons alone is why I'm the lookout for a better top coat.  

- I used to think all top coats were the same.  I was wrong.  I used to use generic drug store brand and can guarantee major chipping and wear after 2 days.  Since making the switch to Seche Vite, I've only noticed chipping when I use polish made with a crappy formula.  Anyone have any good top coat recommendations?

- a few people have asked me why I haven't blogged about all the FOs that I mentioned in this post back in January.  Um...because I've been really slacking off in the blocking department and even if I was on top of it, I still haven't been able to pin down Brett long enough to help me take photos.  Getting him to help me take photos of my Lovely cowl was like pulling teeth, so getting him to help me take photos of at least 10 finished projects?  Yeah, that's going to take a please bare with me here.  I'm going to have to do this little by little.

- I've also been asked when will I be updating my etsy shop again.  I know, it's been way too long since I've updated the shop, and for that, I'm SO sorry!  I do have a handful of bags made, it's just a matter of taking photos, editing, and listing them.  I was on a roll with all of this...and then my household got sick.  Again.  

- this cold and flu season has really hit my family über hard this year.  Ever since my kidlet started preschool he's had a non-stop runny nose and seems to be sick every second week.  Both Brett and I have never been sick so many times in such a short amount of time.  All i know is that by the time the Munchkin hits kindergarten he better have a kick ass immune system!

- speaking of kindergarten, last month I registered the Munchkin for school.  I can't believe he'll be starting "real" school in the fall.  I swear it was just yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital!!  How did this happen?  He's growing up way too fast!

- I was extremely stressed out for a while there that the Munchkin won't be ready for kindergarten.  I was assured that he'll be fine.  That doesn't sooth my nerves at all and I'm still stressing out.  I'm hoping that these next 6 months of preschool, speech therapy, and kindergarten prep will help without making the Munchkin feel overwhelmed and pressured.  I fear he'll enter kindergarten and realize that he's way behind in his age group.  Especially with his speech.  I really hope I'm being overly paranoid and that everything will work out. 

- Brett and I have been talking about moving to the mainland.  In the past year various friends of ours have been talking to Brett about re-locating to Vancouver since we both have family, friends, and basically support there.  Brett knows I would move back to Vancouver in a heartbeat as I still don't feel completely at home here in Victoria.  Don't get me wrong, I think the island is a beautiful place to live and being in a smaller community really is quite nice, especially when you've got a little one involved.  But I still find it extremely hard to make friends here and I still get that exclusive clique-y vibe, like I'll always be the outsider looking in.  One of the main reasons why I started this blog was because I was having such a hard time making friends here.  I attended so many meetups, participated in so many mommy & baby groups, and each time I went the event was already segregated into groups.  There was always that group of friends that have known each other since the dawn of time, the group of much older people, and then the foreigners who didn't speak English but didn't care to mingle with those who did.  You know that feeling when you approach a group and they all stop talking and just give each other glances until you walk away and then the second you do they start chatting up a storm again?  Yeah...I still feel like that happens today.  So you can see the allure of me moving back to the mainland (don't worry, I made friends when I started attending the Bitchy Bees knit nights).

- the one main thing that holds us back from moving: the Munchkin.  He has developed and built such a strong, trusting relationship with his early childhood intervention team that we would hate for him to have to try to re-build new relations with a new team 6 months before he started school.  

- anyhoo, before I get all depressed out on you guys here I'll continue on with a few more questions that I was asked.  Like how come I haven't been showing much knitting these past few months?  Well, I was knitting away on a few test knits that I was allowed to talk about and the designers have yet to release the patterns so I'm still not allowed to blog about them.  As we all know, secret knitting makes for poor blogging fodder.

- just a heads up, I'll be undertaking a few more test knits in the coming weeks with one already under way.  So you probably still won't see much knitting on the blog other than Boxy progress, which, at the moment, isn't much to talk about since the body is just one giant tube of stockinette.  Yeah, not exciting at all and totally not worth blogging about!

- not to worry though, I do have some (hopefully) fun posts planned to tide you all over in the meantime.  And yes, they will be knitting related.

- I'm also working on a few exciting things that I can't wait to tell you all about, but don't want to talk about just yet until they happen.  I don't want to jinx anything as plans always seem to fall through for me (you can call me Li'l Jinx, that's how unlucky I am).

- until things start falling into place, I'll keep working my butt off knitting and sewing away behind the seams.  Just know that I'm always thinking about the blog and wanting to share everything that is going on!

So on that note, I'm going to go enjoy the sunshine with the Munchkin and try to sneak in a few rounds on Boxy.

♥ Happy Weekend!! ♥


  1. sorry to hear your struggles, hate that feeling when things are cliquey (is that a word?) and its super ackward, or you feel like you're interrupting or not wanted there, even when its supposedly a 'public group' that "welcomes new members" (yeah right).
    Anyways, if you did make the move I can recommend a great knitting group!

    1. Thanks Laura! ♥ I'm not struggling any more per se (just with making the island "home") as I've met some wonderful ladies through my knitting group. I just find it a little hard trying to figure out what's best for your family when your own desire is something completely different.

  2. I, for one, love having you here!!

  3. That's why I loved going to knitting too! It wasn't until I was 3 years into this city that I found other knitters... I've told people that this city is really cliquey, but then I also realized, this city is full of people that just want to help too because most of us are actually not from here.

    I was telling this to another person and they made me realize, it's not just the city, though it is cliquey, it's actually the age we are in. It was easier to make friends when you were in school. You were in the same classes and did the same things. When we get older, we need to make our own situations to meet people. Nowadays, its usually though work or other friends. So when you get transplanted to a new city without work or knowing a soul, it's going to be tough. Whether it's Victoria, Vancouver or Halifax. Obviously, you have ties to Vancouver, so making new friends wouldn't be too hard. Plus, Vancouver is bigger, so by size and percentages, you will more likely meet new people than little 'ol Victoria which has such a transient population!

    Sorry, off the soapbox now. All this is just so fresh in my mind because we have a bunch of new people at work.

    For what it's worth (especially since we don't even knit together that often!), I really enjoy your company and wish we could knit together more often! But alas, our schedules aren't meant to be! So sad! I hope you're happy wherever you call home, though I wish it's here! :)


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