Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Whirling

Sewing Collage
I had somewhat of a biggish post planned for today but have spent the past few days, and hopefully will be spending the rest of this afternoon, in front of my sewing machine trying to whip up some more bags for the (currently empty) shop.  Because I've been so busy concentrating on the shop and trying to get as much sewing done as possible, everything else has fallen to the wayside.  Yes, I'm not one of those super multi-talented crafty Mom bloggers, I've never claimed to be one.  So I have yet to figure out the right balance in which I can do several crafts, get a whack load of projects done, churn out a daily blog post, and still have a decent family life, all in a week (we won't even talk about trying to eat properly, or even eating, during all those I sit here digging into a barely cut avocado with no plate).  

Oh well.  

I'm just going to keep plugging away at my own pace here, if you don't mind.  Which means I'm going to go make a pot of tea, make a quick (and proper) lunch, and then try to sew as much as I can for the next few hours before I have to go pick up the Munchkin from his play date.  Just hope this time around I don't show up with a wad of thread clinging to the side of my head!

Peace out Friends!  I hope you're all sewing, knitting, and crafting away with me! ♥


  1. Gah! That chevron fabric looks so yummy! And your day/week sounds the way mine felt when I was getting ready for those craft fairs in the fall. I can't even imagine taking care of a little munchkin as well. Craft on!

    1. All the chevron fabric that I worked with, I had a hard time letting go! I really wanted to keep it all!

      I have a feeling the days/week will be an ongoing thing... how did you do it Andrea?? Oi! Let's keep crafting on! ;)

  2. Daily blog post? I certainly don't expect that, especially not with all the effort you put into all that you do. Happy sewing momma!

    1. Aw, thanks Natalie! :) Sometimes I feel like there's a lot of pressure when it comes to being a craft blogger!


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