Monday, November 12, 2012

Project 365 :: Week 36

Day 246 - November 4, 2012
Day 246 :: November 4, 2012
Fall leaves...I love just how vibrant these red leaves are

Day 247 - November 5, 2012
Day 247 :: November 5, 2012
Taken with my iPhone
Salted Caramel Mocha

Day 248 - November 6, 2012
Day 248 :: November 6, 2012
My pylon sticker
Brett has been trying to teach me to always back into parking stalls (that is, if I can't pull through).  This sticker is my "marker"

Day 249 - November 7, 2012
Day 249 :: November 7, 2012
Winter treat

Day 250 - November 8, 2012
Day 250 :: November 8, 2012
Little My, of the Moomin tales

Day 251 - November 9, 2012
Day 251 :: November 9, 2012
Taken with my iPhone, using the Magic Hour filter
A fellow knitter relaxing and enjoying a beverage at knit night

Day 252 - November 10, 2012
Day 252 :: November 10, 2012
Embroidery Floss
Taken very late at night and thus using the help of artificial lighting and posterboard

Definitely a more interesting mix of photo subjects this week.  I've been conscious about making sure to not repeat anything (other than yarny and knitty photos!).  Making myself get out more has really helped in curing photography doldrums, that's for sure!


  1. how cute is that snowman cookie! and the salted caramel mocha looks delicious too. Oh now i'm hungry :-)

    1. Hahaha, as the Christmas holidays get closer, I find myself already indulging in the sweets. So bad! :p

  2. haha for a minute I was wondering you had the same top as me ;)

    1. Hahaha...I hope I don't mind that I used that photo of you Nat! :)

  3. Why is he Brett teaching you to back into parking spaces? I've always wondered why people take the time to do that instead of pulling in head first and reversing when leaving...

    1. All the driving schools here teach you to do it - for safety reasons, and in the end I find it's the easiest when leaving the parking stall. An example: you get to a parking spot and there's no other car around the spot. When you come back to the spot and there's a huge truck on one side of you and a large van on the other, you'll be able to see and leave your parking spot much easier.

      The statistics on how many children and pets that are killed while a car is reversing out of a driveway or spot is so incredibly high. Especially amongst owners of larger vehicles (think SUVs and trucks). And not surprisingly, the amount of bicycles that get damaged because a vehicle reversed into it. Parking lot accidents - collisions with other vehicles and with pedestrians are mainly when drivers are reversing and cannot see or paying attention to their blind spots.

      I know for me, I've pulled into parking spaces and later find that the lot has filled up and have spent more time trying to back out because the area is now small and tight. Majority of drivers think their vehicle is much bigger and wider than it actually is (which is very evident when you drive past a cyclist and drivers swerve into the next lane to avoid the cyclist, even though there is plenty of room!).

  4. The little snowman is super cute. Also you have got a nice bunch of embroidery floss. Thanks for sharing.


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